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  1. Hi John: I am new to this forum and Havre, Montana caught my eye. I lived in Billings for a while and actually my former husband and I applied for a ranch hand job in Havre. Its been years - 1987 or 1988 or something. Is there a big ranch up there owned by I believe there names are Bill and Barbara Cowin? It seems like they have reining / performance horses and cattle, etc. It was pretty there. Your wood carvings are great! I wanted to ask you about the images of what looks like a pendant or something? Isn't this some type of good luck or protection charm or symbol for kayakers or something? My husband is heavy into kayaking and I thought I have seen that particular pendant around. Do you sell any of your work?
  2. Hi: There will be two Beginning Repousse Techniques classes in March 2010 Where: Fresno Fire & Metal Industrial Arts School 2223 S. Van Ness Fresno, CA 93721 Contact Debra Havens: 559-285-9662 to sign up. Instructor: Debra Montgomery/A Copper Rose Metal Art Cost: $200.00 for two days of instruction ** However, through Group-on, there are discounted tuitions available. Contact Debra Havens 559-285-9662 for more specific details on that. Tuition includes all materials and tools necessary to take the class. However, bring gloves and safety glasses. Also included in tuition will be a corresponding instructional book by Debra Montgomery that will be yours to take home! Dates: March 5-6, 2011 9am-3pm both days March 19-20, 2011 9am-3pm both days Hope to see you there!
  3. Hi - Here are a couple of pics of my work, a large chased copper piece I did for the local Masonic Lodge and a welded witch hat sculpture. Most of my work is on my website A Copper Rose Metal Art but will post more pics as I finish some new stuff. Thanks for looking!
  4. Hi! My name is Debra Montgomery. I am a metal artist from Dunlap, CA., where I specialize in welded metal sculpture, copper repousse and chasing and general metal fabrication. I wanted to join this forum to network with other metal people, to meet new people and to learn new things. I particularly enjoy repousse and chasing and am constantly striving to improve my skills in that area. Also, this year I started making and selling my own chasers pitch. You can view my work at http://acopperrose.com My pitch website is http://www.chaserse-pitch.com Look forward to participating in this forum! D.
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