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  1. Thanks for the info. No, I don't carve. LC over on the leatherworkers forum told me to come over here and ask about the tool's value. Thanks for that. I think carving take san artistic eye and I ust don't have it. I have trouble following a line on leather, much less gouging out wood pieces <g> Later. Tom
  2. I picked up these tools along with some leathercraft stuff I bought. I don't see a need for them in leatherwork but in checking around, there seems to be some interest in people buying them. I am trying to find out exactly what they are and/or what they are worth. I'm told they are garver. The 2 long ones are marked 52 and 54 with the word Victory on the longer one. France is stamped on the handles of some. The short one with the end view is a square shaft with a flat, blunt end. The thin one in the pic with the heavy, black one is a square shaft, beveled along the diagonal. The silver metal punch is a hand punch from 1922. Any help ID'ing and pricing these is appreciated. I don't want to rip anyone off, or get ripped either. Please reply privately to tom@legacyleathercraft.com Thanks Tom