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    Very big music fan, and art goes without saying
  1. Brian Mc

    Deer Antler Salmon

    I rather like how the piece looks so far, and look forward to seeing the finished product. Here is one I did for a therapy client, it is not 3d though
  2. Brian Mc

    First Wooden Netsuke, Dolphin And Baby Merman

    Brett, I find your work to be amazing and inspiring Respectfully, Brian
  3. Brian Mc

    Brian From South Carolina

    Christopher, I think I will enjoy this forum very much. I have nothing locally to utilize for increasing my knowledge, so to find a place where artists of this calibur is great. Brian
  4. Brian Mc

    Brian From South Carolina

    Gus, Thanks for the warm welcome Brian
  5. Brian Mc

    Brian From South Carolina

    Hello, my name is Brian McKinney, I am 28, husband to my awesome wife Mary Beth, father to my two great children (2&1/2, and 1&1/2 we wasted no time ). I began carving about three years ago. I began with soft wood, and exacto knives, and about one month two bottles of poroxide and countless bandais later I was hooked. Within two months I ordered my first real set of carving knives, and preceded to carve my families Christmas presents. I also began to stone carve during this time, and found that I enjoyed it as well. It was not until I had discovered antler that I truely got into small carvings. I had never completed anything larger than 10 inches in height prior to that time, so I suppose I have never carved large pieces. This has all been trial and error for me, trying different techniques,and styles attempting to see where I fit into it all. In this I have a love of scrimshaw, a passion for attention to detail in 3-d and relief carvings and an interest in carving chert I find on the local beaches left behind by Native Americans. I will do my best to have examples of my work posted asap, but I do have examples at smokedeckcreations.com. Thanks for your time Respectfully, Brian