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    Bone Carving with an intent to move to Stone and Pounamu carving. Drawing house plans on my computer. Building and flying model aircraft (when I get the time)
  1. Baz

    Sealing Bone (Finish)

    Hi Peter My understanding with bone carvings is that the natural oils from the skin will be absorbed imparting a natural lustre to the carving. The New Zealand Maori believe that worn this way, the spirit of the wearer will also be absorbed, thus making the Taonga (Treasure) more personal. I should point out that I am not Maori, but this is what I understand. As far as polishing is concerned, I would never use wax as I believe that a nice smooth finish with varying degrees of sandpaper will be sufficient. Once a desirable finish is obtained, an evening in front of the TV rubbing the carving between thumb and fingers will give a surprising shine. (It will also show up minute scratches which you may or may not wish to sand further) Hope this helps Cheers Baz
  2. Tēnā koe Billy As usual you blow my mind with the attention to detail Fantastic symbology Thank you for sharing Baz
  3. Welcome John That is a stunning piece of work - really like the design Most of my stuff is in Bone but I can still appreciate the amount of work that went into this. Cheers Baz
  4. Baz

    Oak Savanna Sentinel

    That is really great Janel - I am in awe of how some of you can get such fine detail in your projects!!
  5. As always - totally awesome - maybe if I'm really REALLY good I might get hold of some whale bone one day Mauriora Billy
  6. As a carver without a lot of contact with other carvers, The Carving path to me means the opportunity to see what amazing work others are doing in their chosen material(s). It is always a continuing source of inspiration.
  7. Baz

    Xmas Time Age

    Thanks Tony - I would like to add my good wishes to all as well if I may. I cannot state enough how much I have learnt from this forum. Thank you thank you thank you one and all
  8. Baz

    Humpback V Sperm Whale?

    Thanks Billy - I totally agree with your last comment. A humpback was washed up on the beach near to my Wife's marae and after the jawbones were removed (following strict protocol of course) it looks like I may be offered a few of the bones - possibly ribs as the jawbones are earmarked for our Gateway (maybe in a year or so after they have been properly cured) Can't wait By the way - I am still totally in awe of your work - much more practise ahead for me
  9. Baz

    Humpback V Sperm Whale?

    Hi all I maybe have a chance to obtain a limited amount of Humpback Whale bone and was told that Humpback bone is more porous than Sperm Whale and therefore not really suitable for carving. Does anybody have opinions or experience on this subject? Cheers Baz
  10. Baz

    Deer Leg Bone

    Thanks for the comments Guys Tony - the kai was fantastic Yuri - Didn't notice that but will keep an eye on my next one. Cheers Baz
  11. Baz

    Self-taught vs. having had a teacher

    To me, carving is an intensely personal thing unless if you are working on commission. I once read somewhere that you carve away everything that doesn't look like what you envisage the final product would be. Two carvers with identical pieces of material, (and given the same brief) whether wood, bone jade or gem stones etc will come up with two totally different products. Sure education will help refine techniques, but nothing beats the experience of making your own mistakes and breaking things that were not what the material wanted. That's my 10c worth anyway Cheers Baz
  12. Hi all Haven't posted for a while, but here is my latest effort. We have an annual Hangi (Food cooked on heated stones in the ground and covered with earth for about 4 - 5 hours) for run holders in the Mackenzie country and the owners of the property donated a deer to us. This was made from part of the rear leg to give to our hostess. Her name is Annabel (hence the "A" (which was not intentional)). I should point out that I started out in a completely different direction to this but I am pleased with the way it turned out. This is my first attempt with deer bone and while it is similar to beef bone, I found it to be quite a bit lighter but denser to work. As always constructive comments and criticism is welcome Cheers Baz I've posted two photos taken in different light. The one on the right is closer to the natural colour Overall length is about 80mm (Just over 3 inches)
  13. Baz

    Tekoteko By Bllly.

    Can't wait to see it finished mate
  14. Baz

    Single Point Carving Machine

    Found it - It was a post by Debbie K - Mounting Hand-piece - in the Tools & Technical Forum
  15. Baz

    Single Point Carving Machine

    Gidday Tony At the moment I'm using a Dremel with flexishaft, various files and differing grades of sandpaper - predominantly with bone although I'd like to try NZ Greenstone sometime. Somewhere on this forum, I have seen a very quick simple method of holding the flexishaft in a timber block I have an idea it might have been under tools somewhere - when I get a bit more time I'll have a look again Cheers from NZ Baz