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  1. Ken R

    New Work

    Hi Sebastian, Thank you for your kind words. Yes, all the wood came from shipping pallets. Most of the pallets I get are "fire wood grade", but I do find some nice pieces. I sand my jewelry to 220 grit and apply 2 coats of wipe on poly followed by two coats of finishing wax. I like a low luster finish on wood...wood should look like wood, not plastic. Ken
  2. Micheal, Nice work! Carving malachite must be challenging indeed. Malachite is a material I would have ran away from, when I was carving gemstones. Ken
  3. Janel, Thank you for all of your hard work! How to make this site buzz once again? I wish I knew. I drop in several times each week, but it is so quite on the board. It would be a shame to see the board go away, after all the work you have put in to it and all the great information it contains. Ken
  4. Ken R

    New Work

    Here are some photos of my recent work. All of these pieces are carved from wood that I salvaged from pallets. The first one is walnut the others are cherry. Ken
  5. Michael, Beautiful work! How do you get such a great finish on jade? Regards, Ken
  6. Hello All, These are earrings I have been working on. Two inches long and 3/8 inch wide. Reclaimed wood, maple I think. Regards, Ken
  7. Janel, I am sorry to see this site go! It was inevitable given low participation of late. I have gleaned some very helpful info from this site as well as inspiration. Members have shared some awe inspiring art. Janel, thank you for all the hard work needed to start and maintain this wonderful board. Ken
  8. Hi Doroshenko, Your work is truly amazing! Thank you for sharing your work. Kind regards, Ken
  9. Mr. Coggan, Truly masterful work. Thank you for sharing. Ken
  10. Hello all, It has been sometime since I have posted photos of my work. The first picture is black jade 45mm x 16mm, 24.35 carats. The second picture is carnelian 50mm x 13mm,13.8 carats The third picture is Holly blue chalcedony 31mm x 14mm, 14.75 carats I hope you enjoy, Ken
  11. Danny, Very nice carving! That would be lot of work in any stone, and off the chart in jade. Ken
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