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  1. Wow! Love it! Thanks for the process pics.
  2. Hi Everyone, Just a quick note to let you all know that Voting for your favourite Sculpture and Jewellery entry is now open! The link is below. Once on the page find the heading GALLERY on the top right of the page. 45 Jade Carvers representing 6 different countries have put their best on display for this event - including some of Masters!!!! Please come by learn about the event, view the fantastic works and vote while you are visiting. http://www.jadesymposium.org Thanks Tom
  3. Well here we are! At the end of the process with just a day or two left to complete entries and submit photos!! This is my entry into the Jade Symposium Sculpture Category! Titled 'Hidden Within" to reflect both the colours of the Jade and how they change with applied light and the Bonsai etched onto the panels that disappear with applied light. The lighting is an LED light strip set on while light with a slow strobing effect to turn on and off. The fan dimensions are 8"L x 12"W x 1.5 millimetres thick - The light box makes it a bit bigger but not much. It also sits on approx a 45 deg angle for viewing. The light box is made from Yellow Cedar Burl. The Jade is from Dease Creek British Columbia. I particularly like this Jade because of all the "activity" & character within - however the black inclusions do cause a bit of heartache since they are very soft!! As always there are more images and video on my facebook page for those into that. Thanks Tom
  4. Thanks Lachlan!!! The base just about went across the room a few times.. I had a much tougher time getting the finish on that than I did on the Jade! Thanks for the Link Danny. Great story and although not to my personal taste the necklace looks like a fine piece of craftmanship. I really enjoy stone with a bit of character to them - one of the reasons I picked the Dease Creek Jade. The inclusions where hard to sort out but I think they add so much to the piece. Tom
  5. Thanks Danny! I appreciate the feedback! This one certainly took me out of my comfort zone! But I learned quite a bit so very successful already. The entry's don't have to be complete until the end of October - I am trying to get a piece into each category. This is my Jewellery entry now I need to finish my sculpture - rapidly running out of time!! I have posted on Facebook (Tom Argue - Custom Creations) a series of video for the the process I used to create this piece with my rambling thoughts to go with!! Thanks Tom
  6. I wanted to share with you my entry for the WJS - Jewellery Category! This is the finished piece. Its a Hair Pick with a chain link dangle - approx 8" long mounted on a piece of Obsidian (the wood doesn't count). I'm pretty happy with the finish - Thanks Lachlan!! You can see video and more pics of the progression on my FB page. Now off to finish my sculpture piece - running out of time pretty quick!!!! Thanks Tom
  7. Hi David, I have only had a small opportunity to give it a try - left the home shop for a couple of weeks to end the summer. I really appreciate you guys providing some insight on this. I'm constantly trying new things and its getting better as we go. I will report back as soon as I've given the dry 600/1200 a fair shot. Thanks Tom
  8. Thanks Again! My Jewellery entry for the WJS is all shaped and sitting on the bench. I set it aside because it needs to have a perfect polish. I will be giving this a try asap and let you know how it works out. Tom
  9. Thanks Bruce - Those are new for me and I really enjoyed making them so I imagine I will have quite a few more coming!! Lots of possibilities with the rings. Lachlan - I really appreciate your advice. I will need to pick up some diamond paper. I have tried dry 600 SC but it loads so fast and becomes useless within a few strokes, might be the quality of paper though. I am using hard felt to do all the polish and I have read on Mr. Lopaki's page that wood is also a good backer but I will need to make those myself sometime. What are your thoughts on the diamond grit? Alone or with oil or petroleum jelly to carry the grit? Thanks again. Tom
  10. Hi Everyone, I am participating this year in the World Jade Symposium and since I have little experience with Jade I needed to practice! The attached pieces are what I have managed to create in the past month. I continue to struggle with the polish on all these pieces. Although its getting better with each piece - I am chasing the "water wet" look but continue to fall short. I carve/create in a bit of a bubble and would appreciate any constructive criticism on what you see. There are only two types of Jade represented here. Dease Creek (spoon & 5 rings) & Yukon (two rings, ring on finger & knife) Thanks Tom
  11. Hi Dan, Have a look at Lee Valley - You will pay a pretty penny but they have some of the best tools around. They have a nice pond setup in the sharpening section. I would suggest you could skip the 8000 stone but really thats up to you. The higher grit stones don't wear very fast if you have done the other stages correctly. Tom
  12. Hey there, I wasn't sure what section to put this in but here it is: My new website up and running today. I always appreciate feedback both on the site and on the work. Come by and have a look if you can. Thanks Tom www.thomasargue.com
  13. I have a two barrel tumbler going in the back ground 24/7. Although limited my experience with Jade in the tumbler is - don't expect to keep the shape you started with. There are too many variances in consistency - the stone does not polish evenly. Anything I put on to tumble is looked at after to see what I might be able to work with. Earrings, pendants, etc. Sorry I can't help with with Ultrasonic but I am looking forward to hearing from others. I still struggle with polishing Jade and am always looking for more effective ways.
  14. I can't wait! I have been waiting since the 2013 was postponed/cancelled.
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