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  1. Evgeni

    Hello From Turkey - İstanbul

    Merhaba komşu When I traveled to Istanbul I bought a prayer beads. Well .... much more simple Your prayer beads are very fine and beautiful What are the materials?
  2. Hi, I just finished an interesting (in my opinion) knife-jewelry "Guinevere" : folder knife-jewelry (click on photos to enlarge) GENERAL INFORMATION: weight 46 gr(1.62 ounce), Total length 115mm(4 1/2"), width 37 mm(1 1/2"), Length folded 65mm(2 1/2"), complete hand engraved with Celtic motives ; BLADE: steel T5MO, 55 HRC, length 50mm(2 "), width 23mm(9/10 "), thickness 1.5mm, metal engraving ; HANDLE: bronze, "muscular" locking system (It works by gently pressing on the handle by hand), metal engraving ; SHEATH: walnut(Juglans regia), inlaid with insert of boxwood(buxus), openwork carving, wax finish and french polich principle of work: The knife is inspired and devoted to the famous Queen of Camelot This was
  3. Evgeni

    Hello From Bulgaria :)

    Thanks Dennis
  4. Evgeni

    Hello From Bulgaria :)

    Thanks for welcoming, and of course, for kind words about my work
  5. Evgeni

    Hello From Bulgaria :)

    Hello from Bulgaria! My name is Evgeni Dimov . I am Bulgarian handicraftsman and make fine wood carving, metal engraving, and inlays on knives, guns, and gunstocks. My English is not very good, but I venture to present my work , with huge respect to your mastery... ...my modest work can be seen here: www.dimovengraving.com This was