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  1. Jesse

    Little Green

    Beautimus ! :-)
  2. Jesse

    Self-taught vs. having had a teacher

    We value our hard-won, and deeply personal, self taught way. That's clear. So much, that we would pass on a chance to learn the right way from the start? You all strike me as intelligent, but that doesn't. "No, that ivory wont polish, here try this. " "That stone looks good but it isn't worthy of your time, it crumbles." "Start the cut from the top of the grain and make the cut FULL depth, once. " I expect a good deal of our earliest hard lessons would have been week 1 at academy. How long have you been learning these things? I still am. Not saying I don't value what and how I've learned, just like to hear from the rest. Since I don't know what's on the tests I defer, May I hear from anyone taught at the academy please?
  3. Jesse

    Sticks & Stones

    Hi, welcome. I checked out your site, I like the whole-stone tops. Do you drill into the stone? Enough with the chit chat... on all but # 4 #5 & # 6 something looks amiss, right? It's just flowing lines and finish sanding. But... To bring your work to heirloom quality the tenons should be pinned, twice or three times even, across for lasting strength in a situation nobody wants, but with your help, were prepared for. Also: use hickory, ash, elm; woods that take a lickin' and keep on kickin'. Oak is not like that, no-one wants an axe with an oak handle. Jade is the toughest stone I know of, although I have a very close second that's attractive. You have the potential right there on your site to be the best answer to a mugging. Success! Metlmasher.
  4. Jesse

    Grinding Stone Flush With Wood

    For polishing sizes like a table top try the marble polishing kit I use. bought it at ebay cheep, here might be worth a quick look. Kit of 14 disk / grit sizes Diamond Polishing Pads 3 inch Wet Dry 14 Piece Set Granite Marble Concrete Stone | eBay seems a deal at 20 odd clams, w/free shipping. Sorry, I dont know any of the companies lately, bought mine 8 yrs. ago. Harbor freight has mini 1" to 2" diamond wheels for 1/8" shaft to knock down protruding stones before sanding, again cheep. Success! Metlmasher
  5. Jesse

    Little Green

    Probably a dumb question but what's the difference, is it in the stone? I always thought the jades were of the most difficult at least to finish.
  6. Jesse

    Do I Make It A Bead Or Ball

    Hi Danny, great job and a great idea for a cheap sphere tool for my buddy trying to get into that. If you have time maybe you could post a pic in tools? I hope the planet idea is set firmly in your mind because when I saw that I thought of Jupiter. Perfect representation without any frills, polish optional. Finding nearly invisible wire or line to hang it from is the tough part. Jesse
  7. Jesse

    Hippo Ivory Pendant

    Beauty. I like all natural materials, you do great work keep at it, Jesse
  8. Jesse

    Carving Tools Suppliers

    Hi all, I thought I'd tell you about my mini rasp set. They were ~ $8.00 u.s. for the set; no handles. They came in a blue plastic pouch (I think 8 of them). I got at Woodcrafters of Portland, OR maybe other locations too. I think they are German made and they work a treat for HARD wood, ivory, soapstone and pipestone roughing. They are 4" of teeth 3/8" wide by 1/16" thick( minus the teeth )on the flat one. Try these, you'll enjoy roughing out, Jesse
  9. Jesse

    Coin Cutting

    Welcome Suellen, this is an old thread but since you asked try to get the micro bits like dental bits. My sister got some from work that were too dull for teeth so I clean in alcohol and used. There is also good ones as small as 1/16" at the better suppliers and probably a lot smaller, I don't know 'cause I don't use that small much. My faves are the 1/8" for beads so I can use a leather cord. Second favorite size is the 3/16" as a pin hole for the tang pin on my knives. Not to discourage you if you want to pierce, but here is a way you can quickly inset a mercury dime without piecing it. (some made comments when my silver dollars had holes in them) I shaved a bit off a spade bit, I think it was a 5/8" before I narrowed it down to flush fit a dime, shortened the point way down too. Anyway there are a BUNCH of way better suited to answer so I'll get off the box Jesse
  10. Jesse

    konnichiwa -bows-

    Hi nice to have you here. If you translate to English what that is I might can help but I don't know oriental languages. Hope this helps at all, Jesse.
  11. Jesse

    Small Diameter Ring Making?

    Hi, just resurrecting an old thread maybe but this seems a perfect candidate for lathe work. Buy a tube from Stuller and profile outside then cut off. Do fast and many. Success, Jesse
  12. Jesse

    Noob, Well, Hi From Oregon : )

    Janel, Hi , took a look at your site, Very nice. I love that you work with mountain mahogany, I thought I was the only one. (NOOB) When I can post pics. I will. this wants an http/ whatever I cant do that. Tomas, Glad I made it, wish I could post right now, I would but I'll figure this out and do soon in show and tell? Thanks for the welcome all. Michael g'day, mate Hope you get a mirror shine on all your jade work, can't wait to look at but gotta go to 2nd shift, rents too high for a break. YARD SALE TOMMORROW.
  13. Jesse

    Soapstone Carver From Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

    Hi, Man of stone, I really like the guy at the top, very north looking. Is the black stone rare for you? Also, what is that fish carved from? Keep up the nice work, Jesse
  14. Jesse

    Hello From The Uk

    Hi,try http://www.boonetrading.com/NewNarwhalSectionsLG.html I got some fossil Walrus scrap from them. Maybe they know ? Also Miles Of Alaska, milesofalaska.net He probably has some mammoth. He's great to trade & purchase from, and you'll like the work he does. Jesse
  15. I am a noob to the forum. I am forty one years old (sounds like 200 in my head ) but young at heart. Been a rockhound and artistic since forever. I make knives, gifts, and jewelry and I am a jade-a-holic. I try to work jades but feel hindered as yet. My saw is only able to cut a inch high so my big stuff sits; tic toc, tic toc, tic toc,..... Anyone in Portland sing out, we'll get together and trade. Got the jade, not the saw, so if you do, maybe cuts for slabbage. Hope not too long winded, hi from oregon : ) Jesse