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    Austrian Stamps (1852 - 1919)
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I'm one of those people who do not know how to draw, so my projects are always in my head and tend to constantly change until finished (which is basically never)I'm learning as go along, so things are never sure until it's done. That means in the end that I need a lot of mentoring and looking at this forum (found it yesterday), there is sooooo much expertise here that will easily guide me to the next level where I could actually call myself an artist.


I'm just a beginner and hobbyist (I do not sell), what I have done; I have done by simply having fun experimenting, so I have not even started attempting to emulate the fine work that is presented here. I will be introducing some of my work in the "Show and Tell" section later but if you like you can find all my miss-deeds on Facebook under my name "Kainzer Kurt". You got my permission to kick me in the behind, if and any time I get lazy or careless in finishing something, or simply if you have any suggestions on how to improve any or all to further visual appeal.

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