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    Returning To The Fold

    Thank you. Still a lot to learn to get anywhere close to some of the fabolous works presented here, but will get there eventually.
  2. Have not been back here for a while, and enjoy all the diverse postings. While I kept busy over the years, I'm afraid my advance in skills has slowed down tremendously. So improvements are hard to come by. Last years Jade Adventure This years trail for Dragons (Australian Jade) Montana Agate Australian black oplal And the latest attempt getting some movement into Tiger Iron Thanks for looking, Kurt
  3. Kurt K


    Great expression in the first one. Its my favorite of the set here.
  4. Kurt K

    Gem Carvings

    Great lines in superb material.
  5. Kurt K

    Most Of My Work So Far.

    Welcome to the forum. Lets see more.
  6. Kurt K

    5 Dragons

    Nice imagination. Great to see your activity. People always say that they got no material to work with, yet seem to go blindly through their environment, as there are so many things out there that could be used to spur creativity.
  7. Kurt K

    Southern Magi

    I started a new chapter on Fire Agates. I finally found a way and the confidence to look at Fire Agate as a stone, not only at the fire. So instead of just cutting out the fire, I want to include the non-fire areas into a composition. No-one really wants the chalcedony, yet I find the resulting colors and combinations quite attractive. While still far from the brilliant creations that are shown here on regular basis, I finally got something that I'm confident enough to declare a progress in catching up. Started out as a Gypsy woman with headscarf, but then somehow did not get the proportions right and the face somehow turned into a man (partially due to the uneven thickness of the material). Anyhow, after the sex-change, lets call him " Southern Magi" Mexican Fire Agate 30 x 20mm Outdoors in the shaddows on a sunny day. Indoors, regular room-light during the day. Thank you for looking, and if there are any recomendations in regards to how to improve in future work, I shall be very welcoming to any ideas. Best regards, Kurt
  8. Kurt K

    Hello From A Stone Carver.

    Looking good. Welcome to the forum. There are lots of interesting folks around here, who can guide you where you want to be. Just ask.
  9. Kurt K

    Southern Magi

    Thank you, Fire Agate is a challenge, but its fun material to work with because of it.
  10. Kurt K

    New Here

  11. Kurt K

    Beginner And Newbie And English !

    Welcome to the forum. It looks like all you need right now, is getting started. Everything else will fall into place as you go along.
  12. Kurt K

    New To Carving Path Old To Carving...

    No worries, we shall be glad to remind you to carve. If needed, every single day! :)
  13. Kurt K

    Hi From A Yorkshire Hobbyist

    Hi there, welcome to the forum. Hope everything heals quickly. And yes, we love to see peoples work.
  14. Kurt K

    New Here

    Hi there Margie. Welcome to the forum. Michael put you on the fast track. :) Now lets see who is going to get first right to work on his tools. :)
  15. Kurt K

    New To Carving Path Old To Carving...

    Love this statement. Thanks for joining, I'm sure you have got a lot of experience, that will benefit quite a few of us. My personal favorite shown at your site is the "Golden beetle" .
  16. Kurt K

    Eagle Flowers And Fantasie

    Thank you, but don't be mistaken; that is just one piece (no photoshop here, just different light conditions). One of the attractions of fire agate is the endless array of colors and apperance there off. Love that stuff. Just sad that there are so few people who even know that this material exists.
  17. Hi there everyone, have been here only for reading and getting inspiration for some time, but did not show anything of my own undertakings for a while. I'm still on a steep learning-curve and improvements seem at times hard to come by. Will not bother you with every project undertaken, but let me introduce 4 of them. As always, all my pieces are pendants and usually keep within the 4cm maximum extend ( exception background for eagle) First up some simplistic style of a Lilly made of Montana Agate Then came a Disdero Agate from Canada, Polkadot agate eye and Hawks eye for background and in the sun Fire Agate. This being something I'm looking forward to practice this summer. Instead of just chasing the colors, I would like in the future to integrate carvings. Keeping the color as priority, but enhance the overall appearance by carving subjects. This being my second try in that, so results are not that great yet. There is lots of room for improvement. And finally a rather interesting material from Indonesia. Palm wood with plumes, Agate mixed with plumes also known in general as Pawancawara (this being one of the rares sub-types out of 27 known types) Closer look at the material Till here for now, wishing everyone a great summer, and thanks for being witness to my progres in this wonderful hobby, Kurt
  18. Kurt K

    Butterfly / Moth

    This February is the time to experiment with Butterflies as designs and materials spanning from Coral, to Jadeite and Agate, while continuing my efforts to get smaller. The coral is very simple and hardly justifies the label of carving. The Guatemalan Jadeite, is a bit more like it. But the actual plan was getting practice with the above to do this one Something strange happened as the sun hit the piece directly in those two out-door shots today. Whats going on? Usually I get that effect only with clear crystals beads when using flash. Wishing you a great week, Kurt
  19. Kurt K

    Butterfly / Moth

    Thank you Nelson. From time to time I get lucky and things work out in harmonie. Just have to learn how to do that intentionally to get it more often.
  20. Going into summer, I'm looking forward to work with Fire Agate. Getting to the stage now, where (while not proficient), chasing colors is getting boring and I'm looking forward to integrate colors while utilizing the chalcedony to convey an overall meaning. Janell you continue to inspire with your designs and beautyful executions. I adore the way you combine relif with intaglio carving. Thats something I got to learn and practice and will be on my resolution list for next year. Same for the gift of simplicity. Your boxes and usually Jims work, overwhelm with simplicity, creating perfect harmony between subject and material. Thats something where I see myself aspiring too in the future, once I got the basics of carving down. Tom: I'm not into knives or any form of weapons of any kind for that matter, but your knive is fantastic. Wonderful creation. Your father must have been very happy receiving such a work of art.
  21. Kurt K


    Absolutely concur. There are lots of creations out there that are fantastic, yet the creators of them virtually live in proverty. And others, whose creations resemble (to me at least) the works of a baby (I feel like that foremost with paintings), whose marketing machiene has driven the price into the stratosphere. Carving of any kind, is a process that takes time, value should come with quality. But unfortunately, these days value comes with marketing, something that any real artist loads to do as it takes away from the creative process in the first place. Its only after one is established and or has a benefactor, that one is able to make a living off it at all, without having to compromise.
  22. Kurt K

    Sumo Wrestlers

    What a fantastic return. Always looking forward to your pieces. I think there is hardly anyone out there who not only aspires to every small little detail that you put into each and every piece, but also has the immense abillity to reaize them in the most fascinating way. A book would certainly a wonderful idea.
  23. Very well done. Those crossovers can be a challenge in any material. Very crisp and prceice lines. Looking forward to more of them from you.
  24. Kurt K

    2-For-1 New Members In Paris

    Nice work you have got there. Interesting medium too. Welcome to the forum, looking forward to your exploits.
  25. Kurt K

    New Work In Bone

    Now Tony, how about giving a short rundown on the symbolism in those two crests?