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  1. Bella Nicol

    Whale Teeth And Such

    It's been a very long few months for me, I've relocated, began as a full time university student, and gone through a rather interesting transition in personal relationships. During all of this there was very little time left for carving, but... I did manage a small amount.. Let's se what we missed.... Before I we split, I made myself and my partner matching pendants... one large and capped in silver, the other is mine capped in 14k gold with diamonds and emeralds. Both are Haida/ West Coast Native inspired The second is another sturgeon in the making, of whale tooth for my father. The third is another West Coast piece, in Whale Tooth, an Eagles Head. I haven't gotten nearly as much as I would have hoped done but anything is better than nothing. Thanks for looking
  2. Bella Nicol

    Hurihuringa . For Waitangi Day.

    Oh my... What a magnificent piece. I think what is so very special about your work is the way in which you allow the material to "speak" so incredibly well! WOW! This one in particular has to be one of my favourites! I can tell this tooth is from way down deep in the depths. Happy Waitangi Day Gareth what a lovely way to commemorate!
  3. Bella Nicol

    First Time Engraving

    What an incredible idea, and a beautiful carving the engraving looks as though you've been doing it for years, so lovely. You have captured the turtle trail so well what a harmonious piece. I wonder how it will look without the stain...
  4. Bella Nicol

    Catfish And Fun Photos

    Thanks guys! Lachlan, no, I had not. I wanted to! But it would have been a difficult task. The tail fin and dorsal fin are two separate colours of mammoth tusk one blue one caramel so they clash with the white of the hippo tusk. The eyes are MOP yes . I was looking into lacquer but I had difficulty finding resources with adequate information. Also, I wouldn't know where to even begin with finding natural lacquer. I have used coffee and tea before when making a light stain though. What do you use to stain?
  5. Bella Nicol

    Catfish And Fun Photos

    Here are a few new pieces, plus a wonderful boulder opal stingray I purchased from Australia. I love it, so I thought I would share my love of it with my fellow carvers. Also, I have included a Holiday photo as per 'tradition' Our new little adoptee Sprinkles. She's all but carving a Huge nook in our hearts. Happy Holidays to all of my international carving friends! Catfish is Hippo tusk and mammoth covered in enamel paint. Stingray 1 is mammoth tusk with paua inlay Stingray 2 is MOP
  6. Bella Nicol

    Small Sculpture From Boxwood

    Nice to see some exciting progress shots, I look forward to seeing the completed piece. Also very nice to hear from you Janel, Happy New Year your larger piece is looking great!
  7. Bella Nicol

    Jade Green Python

    Lachlan, that is Jaw Droppingly beautiful WOW!
  8. Bella Nicol

    New Work

    Wow, thank you all so much for the encouragement. Although I certainly wouldn't say flawless ! Though it certainly makes me blush. I look forward to carving more, I don't have a shop or space, so I have to set up and tear down every time I make the slightest carving. I hope the new year brings more income and in turn more materials! Thank you all!
  9. Bella Nicol

    Saws for ivory and bone

    For my ivory and my bone I use a plain old Irwin coping saw. Never done me wrong. The only complaint I have about it is the precision isn't as nice as I would like. Otherwise, it's cheap and easy. I use a cheap steel vice as well to hold the piece in place. I would love to get a band-saw or scroll-saw one day.... (Wishing away) heheh. Good luck! Glad to hear you have had some success! Bella
  10. Bella Nicol

    New Work

    Finally got my laptop up. Here are some pieces I have done since...
  11. Bella Nicol

    New In The Community

    Welcome Tom, it looks like you're quite well on your way; nice to meet you. Looking forward to seeing more of your work Bella
  12. Bella Nicol

    Haida Whale Carving

    Thank you all so much for the feedback, I am always so tickled to hear any kind of feedback. Lachlan, I usually do braid the end, you're right much better! However for this piece I braided the actual piece onto the lashing and I am not familiar with how to do this with both sides. I hope if it is possible to learn. Lashing the body of it was a challenge, no one likes to drill holes in their pieces. I have learned a lot from the masters here like all of you . Also, the lashing it's self is something I learned from a friend, using washers and a drill. I use a nylon fishing line called northern braid. It's so incredibly convienient and quick, as well as aesthetically pleasing I'll have to post a video of it some time! Thank you all so much again, i think I will keep this one, and no I did not carve the pearl, it was a wonderful gift.
  13. How wonderful! Well done! You have a great grasp of material and of structure; and of course of your subject. Very impressive.
  14. Bella Nicol

    New Ring.

    Wow, absolutely beautiful. You will have to post the finished results, the filigree is lovely.
  15. Bella Nicol

    Haida Whale Carving

    Here is the finished product of the previous post. This was a real learning curve for me, since I have began carving more complex pieces. The bulk is sperm whale tooth, with paua inlay for eyes and fins, a freshwater pearl on the head, and a carved Tahitian black pearl as the toggle. There is a story that goes along with the orca, but it is rather lengthy maybe later. Thank you for taking the time to look.