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  1. I got asked to make a copy of a Purdy shot gun in miniature that would strip down and fit in a case just like the real thing. This is what I came up with....The action and barrels are made from sterling silver, the back and front stocks are carved from boxwood and dyed. The barrels clip on via a spring loaded catch inside the action and held in place by the front stock which also has a spring catch operated via a button at the front. Oxidizer was used to darken the barrels, triggers, trigger guard and highlight the oak leaves and acorns carved into top of action. Both wooden stocks have checke
  2. Thank you all for the lovely comments on my carving. Regarding the use of power tools and hand tools, for this Netsuke I used both. The inside was drilled out as much as could be then using tools with bent necks I hand carved the remainder out.
  3. Thanks guys for all your positive comments
  4. I wanted a bit of a challenge so decided to carve this pill box in the form of a trout fishing creel from boxwood. The woven pattern took about 60 hours to carve. The leather staps were stained with brown leather dye and the whole thing finished with shellac. All comments welcome.....good and bad.
  5. I've been carving boxwood for a few months now and wanted to try my hand at doing a Ryusa Netsuke. As i like carving cherry blossoms i thought it would be a good subject to use. Its carved from a solid piece of boxwood and measures 42mm X 11mm. I stained it using leather dye and finished it with a few coats of shellac. all comments welcome
  6. I had a crack at a lizard Netsuke but not happy with how it turned out so will be doing another one soon, anyway thought you guys might like to see how this one was done. Its 2 inchs X 1 inch coloured with leather dye and inlay ebony for eyes.
  7. Thank you Janel for letting me know about the snake, I knew something wasnt quite right but couln't put my finger on it. I used danish oil because thats all i've got same too for the leather dye. This is only the third carving i've done using box wood so have no idea what to do with it, really could do with lots of advice and help on the subject.
  8. I fancied carving a snake Netsuke but didn't want to do just a normal one so thought it would look good having him sitting on a hand. Its carved from a single piece of boxwood measuring 1 1/2 inch X 1 inch, has polished Ebony inlays for eyes, he's stained with leather dye and finished off with a few coats of oil. All comments welcome.
  9. I recevied a few pieces of Rock Maple off a friend so thought id use it carve a pill box. It has a good tight grain which will hold a fair bit of detail but not as much as i would have liked. Anyway this is how the box turned out.
  10. I had a bit of time off work so to keep me from going mad i made a few miniature air rifles. The action,under lever and barrle are all silver.The internal working parts i made from work hardened nickle because of the stress on them when being cocked and fired. The stock i carved from cherry [didn't have any walnut at the time].
  11. Thanks Michael i do lots of other stuff too. I've carved pencil leads,match stick chains, bone and also make silver fully working miniature air rifles 3" long. This is one of the pencils
  12. Hello everyone my name is Richard and new to your fantastic forum. I have been in the jewellery trade for twenty years and have worked my up from polisher\tea boy to Master model maker. I've not been able to work for the past two years [ health reasons ] so to keep myself from going mad i picked up a knife and piece of wood and started carving. I've carved alsorts of things and used different materials too. I would be happy to show if anyone wanted to see. This is one of my very first carvings I did.
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