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  1. Plenty online, Linhasita is a popular brand. Waxed polyester both flat and round is used. David
  2. Lovely detail Billy, what is the story behind these.
  3. TP do you have a back ground in general lapidary or is this all new? Gemstone carving is just an extension of the techniques used to create a cabochon. You are just working with many more curved and flat faces on the the one piece. David
  4. David G

    Sorry To Say

    Russ, Volumes are low on this site these days, something that all forums are experiencing as facebook groups take over. I have stayed with this site because of the quality of many of the carvers here because you can get feedback you will not get anywhere else. Good luck with your travels, David
  5. Cute point carver. Good luck with the carving.
  6. Dan, obsidian is very prone to chipping. A band new saw blade that is thin and runs 100% true is your best bet. It will also tend to chip on the rough grinding wheels as well. I use a band saw with a new blade and start on the fine grinding wheels, takes longer but reduces chipping. The other trick when grinding the outline shape is to put a tiny bevel on all the edges, this will grind/sand off as you progress but helps to stop chipping. Also make sure there is plenty of water to lubricate everything. David
  7. I really like this Lachlan it is unique and beautifully crafted. I really like the way is has multiple ways of being presented and all look 'right' that is very clever. Are you sending it off to the exhibition? David
  8. Very nice work Tom, jade can be a bugger to polish, a lots of commercial NZ carvers leave it at satin finish on 600 or 1200 carbide. The old trick before diamond become popular was to dry sand with worn 600 to get a nice polish. The advice Lachlan gave is very good and I would agree with all he said. Every piece of jade is different so it may be worth experimenting on a off cut before polishing your entry. I take it 1200 carbide, then to 3000 carbide by hand then to diamond on small leather wheels, if that orange peels I go back to 1200 and then had polish with 14k, 50k and 100k diamond on leather, takes a long time but gets round the orange peel. Then again some jade just wants to orange peel. david
  9. Welcome David, look forward to seeing some of your work, quite a few hard stone carvers here. David
  10. Nice work Stefan, a nice blend of motifs too. David
  11. I made a wooden box for it as well, a bit rough, may make a better one in nicer timber, now I have done one I know what to do better next time. David
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