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  1. Tony N


    as for staini9ng try leaving the bone in black tea over night or just paint it with nail polish the clear coat it it did that with my fang earings made it look like blood by the way nice work
  2. Tony N

    New B At Carving Bone

    sorry been so long getting back to you its beef bone its done with a dremel and a file then sanded too a 1200 grit the polished with braaso before a coat of clear coat nail polish but remember as your wife/girl frend frist before using it lol any thing else please ask or check out www,dembones.co.nz
  3. like your work good to see you back doing what you do so well
  4. Tony N

    Hi From New Zealand

    hello and welcome from wellington keep up the good work I'm self taught as well look me up if your in wellington some time
  5. Tony N

    Hi All

    hi from nz and like your work
  6. Tony N


    hello and welcome from new zealand
  7. Tony N

    Caution >>> Whale Bone, Ram Horn.....

    sorry to hear that some one from new Zealand scamed you I looked at buying some of his whale bone but when I asked how he got it he stop replying to my emails
  8. Tony N

    Intro From Nebraska

    hello and welcome from new Zealand hope you enjoy the site love to see some of your work soon
  9. Tony N

    Power Carving

    thanks guys
  10. Tony N


    hi and welcome good luck
  11. Tony N

    Power Carving

    any bod ever use or got a power chisel I the hand pice that fits on fordom machine or a rotary tool like a dremel I am looing at buy one and keen to know what people ting its a hand pice that its chisel heads als abou to buy a fordom machine which is bette a foot control or bench control also chck out carving on wood . com hae been watching the video on there has been helpful
  12. Tony N

    New Jade Pieces

    very nice you are a true artist
  13. Tony N

    Whale Teeth Questions

    love to try carving them teeth yes I think you can sell them as you got them pre 1956 but check with your local museum also yes they discolour over time there is a shop in ne York called oddits they can help you with selling them the re worth good money hope his helps
  14. Tony N

    Some Thing Different

    something a little out there first two are carved out the lines painted the third one is paua inlayed all on with a micro air die grinder hoe you like