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  1. Hello there U.K. Kiwi, Here is a list of articles were you will find a lot of ideas. Kumihimo 1.0 Kumihimo 1.1 Kumihimo Finishing Marudai (This is the name of one the traditional Japanese "jigs" used for braiding) Make Your Own Kumihimo Loom And Weighted Tama Hope this helps. Best, Sebas
  2. Hey Ken, I will check the "fire wood grade" to see what is it I do agree that depending on the wood grain 200 grit will do and yup, you are 100% right! Wood needs to look like wood not plastic! Cheers, Sebas
  3. Hi Ken, Lovely work. Nice curves and shapes. How did you polish them? And another question, when you say pallets you mean like the kind of pallets used in Super Markets and Ships? (According to Wikipedia, "flat transport structure") If so, I love the woods used. I don´t think that we ever get that wood quality on our pallets down here in Argentina... lol Keep the pics coming! Hugs, Sebas
  4. Hi Steven! Welcome to the Carving Path. Hope to see images of your work any time soon. Hugs, Sebas
  5. Dear Ed, Long time, no post! Yes, I am one of those. (lol ) Been swapping from one job to another, too many things going on with my Family and, of course, with my life but so far everything is, gratefully, coming out fine. All the previous comment was to say that, unfortunately, I haven´t been carving much... As of not I am making a new workshop that, hopefully, will be finished in a couple of weeks but I will try to post, at least, one of my latest works inspired by you (yes, all of you, all) but, specially, the NZ and Polynesian great, great bone carving artists. As regards as sites, I had two but they are gone now (snif snif ) but it was too expensive to keep them going... As I have the chance to reply to this post I have one line to add: @Janel: Dear Master, I owe you so much, you are part of my deepest tuition and being inspired by your art/discipline will be all-ways greatly appreciated by this Forum. Hugs, Sebas
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