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  1. I am expecting delivery of a new tool for stick hunting today. I purchased quad copter (DJI Phantom 2 drone) from China. The quad comes equipped with video camera that transmits video to my smart phone. I am hoping to be able to look for sticks growing in difficult places to access, without first climbing the hill side to look. It's really disheartening to climb the side of a huge steep hill and no sticks. What are your thoughts?
  2. Just watched a show on National Geographic where a man trained his dog to find moose antlers. Well, take a look at Trip the stick hunting dog. People ask, "Randy, how do you find all those curled sticks?" Now you know my secret!
  3. Do any of you guys sell your walking sticks and canes on Etsy? I created an Etsy site to sell some of the walking sticks and canes, however I'm not sure how to promote the Etsy store. Any suggestions? I sell on my website, but I'm looking for other places to sell, as I make many more walking sticks and canes than I can sell. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Great News! At last I have found a really nice looking brass cane handle to add to the selection of handles on my website. The handle is polished brass and is called the statesman. The pictures below shows the handle installed on two curled canes. Please let me know what you think.
  5. Just putting the finishing touches on the walking stick. Although, it's difficult to see from the picture, the colors on the snake are a mixture of yellow, orange, purple, and red. What to you think?
  6. The walking stick is about 48" tall and the snake is white with red spots. Finished work on it this afternoon. What do you think? Do you like the colors? Any suggestions?
  7. The four carved snake walking sticks are a work in progress. Once complete each staff will have world globe paper weight mounted onto the top of each staff. I'm planning to mold a collar for the globe to rest on at the top of each stick, I will use magic sculpt to create the collar.
  8. What do you think of this walking stick? I stained the walking stick, painted the worm tunneling green, and coated the walking stick with three layers of Minwax polyurethane. The poor worm has surely spent a lot of time working on this stick.
  9. Picture of a walking cane made from worm tunneled wood. I am currently working on a walking cane, where the worm tunneled wood has been colored with green paint and a layer of polyurethane is applied over the paint. Sounds strange, but looks really cool.
  10. This is a great ebook for people who are interested in carving a snake on a curled/twisted stick. The author discusses where to find curled sticks. How to select the best stick. Tools used to carve the snake. Material used to paint and seal the stick. The ebook is available on Amazon, Google, amd Ebay. You can also purchase a copy at http://www.kywalkingstick.com.
  11. Took most of the month of February to find this many curled sticks, from which I will make walking sticks. Some days I wouldn't find any sticks, other days I would find 30 or more, but when you are finding curled sticks, it's best to keep cutting them. These sticks will go into the barn loft to dry for a couple years. If you need "blank" sticks or would like to look at other pictures, why not visit http://www.kywalkingstick.com or search google for Kentucky Walking Sticks.
  12. Just finished the 2nd eBook "How to Carve a Snake on a Twisted Stick Using Power Tools". http://www.kywalkingstick.com/HowtoCarveaSnakeonaTwistedStickUsingPowerTools.html I've been carving walking sticks for quite some time now. Several people have been asking questions about carving snakes on twisted sticks. What kind of wood do you use? Where do you find twisted sticks? What tools do you use? This ebook will answer many of those questions and I have included lots of pictures. Have any of you guys wrote an eBook? I would appreciate any tips or suggestions. Thanks,
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