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    A Little Spare Time

    Thanks Billy!
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    A Little Spare Time

    I had a few spare hours last saturday , so decided to indulge myself and do a few experiments. I wanted to make a ring for myself but didn't want to spend the entire day carving wax ,Investing.and casting. Also I wanted to try cuttlefish casting because I have never tried it before. So here are some photos of what I did. The garnet eyes were a after thought and my first attempt at lapadary. I superglued the garnets to bamboo scewers and just used different grit sand paper and then buffed on a muslin wheel. The whole process took about four hours which was much faster than lost wax. At least for me! I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm thinking of doing some engraving work on it later,(not sure). I'll attach more photos if I decide to do so. The ring was cast in silver and carved with my foredom.
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    Thanks for all the compliments!
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    Thanks guys! Any input is appreciated! But I understand everyone, like me, is busy actually DOING their craft, and does not always have time to chat! I just wanted to contribute a little because I have enjoyed looking at everyone else's work, and am grateful for any and all comments and or compliments! (or constructive criticism!)My website is www.sailorsdream.com in case anyone is interested in seeing my scrimshaw. Warning though, most of the scrims are nudes!
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    Hi everybody! My name Is Howard Thomas. I have been doing scrimshaw art for many years, and just recently started carving a few years ago. I just thought I would stop by and share some of my hobo nickel carvings. These are some of my most recent.