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  1. Some beautifull material you have there. Good luck with it!
  2. So very beautifully done Janel! The harmony of the lines and the carefull application of colour.
  3. Hello! Some time ago I had a strange dream about a Manaia. Somehow in this dream I came up with the question how these little fellows come to existance and some strange pictures accompanied me through an appocalyptic journey through all kind of mystical themes. Next day I sat down and started to draw some memories and ended up with some nice designs. I couldn´t find any similar in the www so i like to share them here and maybe I get here some comments on this idea. I figured (dreaemed) they origin out of some egg-clam like objekt whiche are materialised thoughts of a god (rehua?) -
  4. A very, very nice piece. I agree, sometimes things needs to get worser, before the get better!
  5. Hi tony! You have been busy - nice work and i hope the people appreciate your work like i do!
  6. Hello everybody! I have 3 weeks off so beside cleaning the area from the mud of the latest flood I found some time to torture my bench. I try not to but cant help to work on serveral pieces at the same time. So i can switch to something different when i get tiered or frustrated. First i have here a little pedant whiche need some more cleaning up befor i can start polishing it. ... and this one is waiting for his eyes. Here i tryed a hei matau made of two materials - bone and olivewood - hope it will work out. ... always trying to improve my skills and loo
  7. Welcome Vitor! I also like these celtic motives! Hope to see more from you!
  8. Thank you all for your kind compliments and your participation! The weather is getting better here in our smal valley, but as soon it starts raining again, everybody here gets a little bit nervous. It was a real impressing experience and i never would have belived that something can get that deep into our memories! As Billy mentioned, the pictures whiche are still in my head definitely influenced my work and there are some more ideas i like to work on. I think it is important to look forward and to concentrate on the good things one can learn out of such events. @ DON Most of the r
  9. Great work Billy, as usual! I realy like your design and your art is a real inspiration to me. I still work on the balance of deep contours and fine details whiche you master with such casualness. Most of the time i get carried away with the contours so there is to little space for the details left. But i started a new project and hope to get some "Billy-touch" to it! Thank you, Michiel
  10. Hello everyone! The last weeks and months were quite exhausting here in the mountain of austria. Heavy rain and floods made hole slops slip down. We had some serious damage. We lost some cars and the shack where i stored most of my materials is gone. Thank god no one got harmed in our valley. Here some impressions that what our car looks like aft 2km of river We have a lot of work outside and sometimes it is a little depressing seeing all devastation in our valley. But I set up a new workingarea for me so i can go on with my hobby to get my brain free frome time
  11. Hello - I am sure, this is not the real right forum to post this pictures, but still like to share a piece of work i finnished these days - maybe some of you like it. It is a smal replica of a Steyer 15 Tractor used a lot here in Austria so 50 years ago. It is about 40cm long and completly wellded togetter out of scrap. Also the electric works fine with the lights and the claxon - and it also sound great - töff töff töff . It is a present for a friend (a farmer) who collects the big ones and doesnt have the space to buy one more, so i made this one for him to put it in the garden an
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