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    I finally decided on which picture to post of my jewelry This is pendant made out of shell with a Tahitian Black pearl on a Polynesian model.
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    Jon's Introduction

    Ouiiii je vis depuis ma naissance à Tahiti et j'ai aussi eu la chance de pouvoir voyager pour pouvoir m'ouvrir l'esprit un petit peu plus ;D Pour quelqu'un qui aime la nature et ne porte pas d'importance aux personnes , je pense que la polynésie française peut être un Paradis. Personnellement je pense que c'est la mentalité des gens ici qui est à revoir pour que le pays puisse avancer. (j'vais jeter un coup d'oeil à tes info et à ton introduction ;D ) ++++Jon
  3. Youhou, THanks again ;D I can't believe you answer so fast. I'm not use to that. Here in Tahiti where you email somebody it usually takes 2 weeks before you get an answer Actually I've been searching in the archives for 2 days and finally decided to create an account here cause I didn't find exactly what to buy. There's just Sooooo much tools on the internet I could buy and try but since I'm not going often to the US I wanted to be certain of what buying. Thanks for all your help and if someone can tell me exactly the tools to buy ( with a link of a webside ) I'd be blessed ))
  4. Thank you again for the quick answer ;D The ultimate I could ask you is some pictures of eveything you use (cause my english isn't that great and I don't see the tools you're talking about clearly). do you know if the "3M® Diamond Micro-Finishing Polishing Bands" are good for smoothing the edges? ??
  5. Thank you sooooo much Billy for the informations. I think I'm gonna get a grinding well machine from covington for the main work on stone. But for hard to reach areas to smooth, do you think the diamond paper on a small mandrel would work??? If so could you tell me the grit I would need to get and a website? Thanks again I look forward for you answer. Jon
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    Jon's Introduction

    thanks for the compliments ;D Sure with the pictures I posted it looks like Paradise but I can post pictures that are the exact opposite of those and still are in Tahiti xD.. There's good and bad everywhere I think. I don't know if Tahiti is more on the Good side .... I don't think so. But the way to live here is to look at the good sides
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    I Bow My Head In Awe Before You

    Michiel....you're Sooooo talented. excellent work. I hope one day I'll carve like u.
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    Jon's Introduction

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    Jon's Introduction

    Alrght, let me introduce some pictures of my place. sunsets in front of where I live; my container where I work; my dogs; and some amazing Tahitian Black Pearl I use in my jewelry.
  10. Hi all, I'm a new member and I have couple questions . Actually I'm gonna go to the US pretty soon and wanted to know exactly what tools to buy since there is so much choice. I'm using a Dremel with handpiece and I've been searching all over the place what tools to use for Stone carving. I find out that the diamond burs is useful for shaping the stone but didn't find the ones to buy for making the stone shape smooth. It seams like the diamond burs leave rough edges. When I work on shells, I usually use sandpaper on mandrel to smooth out the stone shape, but with stone my sandpaper really don't last long and is not effective on it... I tough maybe a "3M® Micro-Finishing Film Sheet" on my mandrel would give best results or maybe "3M® Diamond Micro-Finishing Polishing Bands" ?? I would be so thankful if someone could shed light on this. ;D
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    Jon's Introduction

    Hi everyone, my name is Jonathan DEWILDE. I'm turning 21 soon and live in Tahiti, a small island in French Polynesia, Pacific Ocean. Couple months ago I started a Tahitian Black Pearl Jewelry business with my girlfriend. Since we have a lot a artisans in my country that are working with shells, I started to learn how to work with it and I'm adding shells work with the black pearl for my jewelry. I really enjoy creating new shapes with fantastic materials we have on earth. Sorry if my english isn't that great , I'm still learning how to write it properly. Our main Language in Tahiti is French. With the tools I have right now I can only work on Shells but my interrest for stone work is getting bigger and bigger the more I see and learn about it. That's one of the reason I decided to join this forum : my appetite to learn. I explored the forum and find your work amazing. I wish one day I'd be able to reach your level. If you have any question , don't hesitate to send me an email. I'll post some pictures later.