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  1. and I dont know if I wanna have a local silversmith in Canada make my hinges OR if I wanna have them made overseas. For 2 years Ive been looking for an oversea's 1 and have met with alot of failed business relationships yet as far as the ivory goes the supply is great and my carver is a gem!
  2. I also am gonna test out scrap ivory to see what works
  3. Hi there I've designed a jewelry collection of mammoth ivory and I found an amazing carver to carve up my designs that he turns into reality but I wanted to see if you guys have advice on attaching silver jewelry findings, hinges, etc. to ivory. My plan was to do this... 1. drill a hole into the ivory 2. glue the jewelry parts into place (dont know which glue) 3. then screw in the tiny screws into the holes that I drilled Does that sound about right or what do u guys think? Its been 2 years and Im still looking for a jewelry mfg that can make my jewelry parts, we'll see if I ever find one!