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  1. Hi All from Northern Ontario (canada) http://www.deepwoods....com/index.html On the homepage of the above link is a very "generous" video by Paul Jones (Deep Woods Ventures inc.) . He's a second-generation, one-man, part-time, traditional toolmaker who does things --- well --- argh --- "our way" KISSocrates... I say generous, because as a man selling his business wares, he shows you everything in the backroom, and in only 13 minutes - well done - informative, inspiring... Maybe someone should invite him on board... he "belongs"!!! PS: There is as much learn from purusing the background of his shop as there is from Paul himself... Maybe this only hits home with me because I am exploring the making of traditional carving tools, (gouges, v-tools, etc) This sort of video is rare in my experience (I've been researching intensely for two years). If anyone else out there has seen "anything" approaching this caliber, please share a link... Rob PS: I'm new to the "path" (hmmm? sounds spiritual) and would like to extend my appreciation to all the "generous" others who are passing on the tradition - Thanks, I'm a learner, not a teacher, so this means a lot to the eager-minded...
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