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  1. updating this with some new info you can pay a higher fee each month and get your stuff posted more towards the front of the list.
  2. my take on etsy is you have to realy work it. there is a list of items both by how recent and relevant to a search and frequency of views. so say I turn a bunch of wood bowls and post them on Sunday. by Monday all my items wont show up at the top of the page in fact they will be on the 3ed page. so to keep your store at page one you have to post often. plus you need to self promote yourself both on etsy forums and the web. as well as view your page often to trick the program into believing your store Is getting lots of views.
  3. well if you have any questions ill help you out been turning for 5 years sill a novice but i turn often almost everyday so i have learned a bit in my time.
  4. this box is made from white oak and Ipehttps://featheredwoo...adow-light-box/
  5. i Wendy i am also primarily a wood turner how long have you been making chips? https://featheredwoodworking.wordpress.com/
  6. thanks guys those are good tips i only have one type of blade i dont do much stone work to buy several blades but ill try backing the stone and i had though since its a type of glass to score the surface so that it will break along the score rather then into the keeper section.
  7. so i was asked to make a cross i had thought to make it out of obsidian but when i tried to cut it on my saw it just chipped all along the edges of the cut. can someone give me some tips on working with it? i had planed on making the cross and then framing it in wood to contrast the black stone and red paduke wood.
  8. nice work might i suggest that you build yourself a light box it will make a world of difference in your photographs clearer images less glare and then you will have a record of your work.
  9. couldn't tell you but its really beautiful
  10. cool i never much cared for glitter in my inlay i prefer to use stones and shell type material plus i honestly think glitter is created from a evil organization. no matter how little of the stuff you use it never goes away:) glitter shows up where you expect it the least and no matter how long ago you use it it still sticks around. also the chemicals used for some glitter change color when combines with epoxy or CA glue. i tried using some blue glitter and it turned pink when combined with the Ca glue. i just don't have the experience with glitter to know how it will react. if i want a glitter reflective appearance i use some car paint additives mixed with my stone that will create the glittery appearance that i want.
  11. thought i would share what i have figured out for materials that can be used for chip inlay. if you have any suggestions of other possible materials please speak up and ill add it to the list. https://featheredwoodworking.wordpress.com/2014/12/21/inlay-materials/
  12. Dan

    Feather Swap

    For those of you interested i am hosting a art swap through my website. The goal is to encourage others to try a new art form so please submit your best work as well as the technique or medium you are most passioned about.. This is not strictly limited to wood working any form of art is accepted. if you are interested here is a link to the page as well as the details of the event. https://featheredwoodworking.wordpress.com/events-4/art-swap-under-construction-3/ feather swap is designed to make the world a more enriched world by giving artist of different backgrounds a opportunity to exchange their passions in the hope of encouraging growth and excitement. Many artists lose their passion for their chosen craft and hopefully this art exchange will allow artist to recharge their passion and encourage personal development. This program will provide artist a chance to swap their work for the work of another in any medium. If the work is inspiring, it will hopefully encourage the recipient to expand their own interest to try the medium or technique that they received. This means the submitted work should represent your best work so that you can represent your craft and skill in the best light. Rules: The cost of the materials for the piece should be in the 10 United States dollar range. (any size or cost of work is allowed but sender is responsible for freight) Sign up date will start on the first of February Submission should be posted by the last day of March with a description, name of the artist, and photograph then I will randomly match artist so that each pair of artist can swap their work. Each participant needs to provide a email or alternative contact to be informed of any problems and updates as well as to be exchanged with another participant for the exchange of the created project. if a website is available it should be submitted so that their other work can receive credit Each submission need a short paragraph telling the receiver some needed information about the submitted piece example: stating medium, tools needed, focus, challenges, tips, interest, cultural significant ect…. keeping in mind the goal is to encourage people to try this art form. at the end of the event I will put together a poll that will allow others to vote on which entry is the favorite. Which ever entry wins will receive a prize. The prize will follow the spirit of the event and will be about learning a art.
  13. great why a knife shaped like that? is a traditional thing or a joke between friends? i mean that is a strange thing to pull out to clean a fish or cut a rope.
  14. Frustrate him...........Exactly
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