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    carving, lathe turning, jewlary, small boxes, inlays, marquetry, fine wood working

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I teach wood shop as the assistant and plan to some day own my own home shop. i live just south of chicago and have only been working with wood for two years. now after two years i finaly feel like im geting to the stage where i can sell myself and my products. my dream for wining the lottery is to open my own industrial arts school. there i would allow people to work with wood, metal, glass, ceramics ect and then have a  studio spaces for painting and sculpture.  i have spent the last year using my lathe that i bought to learn turning.  i got myself a delta 46-460 bought a basic set of rober sorby tools and then started making my own tools as i have been making turn bowls and vases.  started doing inlay in stone, metal, bone, sand, wood and now i want to add carving to my turnings.

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