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  1. Hey David, I like your Big cat, It has good lines and character. Did you do it from a photo? I find great appeal in carvings that meet the basic shape stage of the process and advise to keep any carving you are happy with at that level. However, if you feel like there is still allot that can be done with a carving, then there usually is. Often my carvings get smaller as I change something over and over until I'am happy with the outcome. One thing I have found very helpful in this process is a detailed toy or resin version of the creature you are trying to re-create. I find having something yo
  2. Wow, worked out awesome! Very fiddly work Well done!!
  3. Thanks Janel, Heres a pic of the same species of frog (striped burrowing frog) The one I dug up was quite less colourful and twice as fat not to mention cranky for being woken in the middle of winter....... They just never seem to appreciate a self portrait I'm glad I went the scrimshaw way in the end, Id like to try it again some time and have thoughts of experimenting modifying a tattoo gun. Cheers again!
  4. I think he is amazing! as talented as any other piece on this site...... My recommendation is to believe in your gift
  5. Hey again, So this is the end result with my attempt at Scrimshaw. I think I'm all dotted out now Will have to track down some different materials for inlays, all I have is bull horn, however this is how their eyes appear at night time anyway so it will have to do for now. Thanks for the advice, I'm happy with the end result, though I'm sure all the Scrims-hander's out there could criticize
  6. Thats a wonderful idea! I've been keen to have a go at scrimshaw for some time now and it solves my hand made appearance dilemma. I'll start researching method and tools straight away Thanks guys, much appreciated!
  7. Hello again! Here are a couple of frogs I have been playing around with. The tree frog is tagua nut with bull horn eyes and the fat little burrowing frog is deer crown stained in black pepper. I had planned on painting the burrowing frog to bring it to life (hence the lack of in-layed eyes) but now that I'm at that stage I'm not to sure I have the heart to do it. I like the natural look and wonder if making it too realistic would take away the hand created appeal. What are your thoughts? To paint or not to paint?
  8. Very Nice! I love the material too, It reminds me of whale bone. Is that the natural colour or has it been oiled? Im still trying to get a hold of some, hard to find an un-cooked bit. I think the eyes look good!
  9. Cool, thats very helpful, I'm over near Borroloola NT and see the locals hunting and eating it quite regularly, so I'll make some inquiry's next time I run into someone. Thanks for that, shouldn't be hard for me to get some rib bones, which have now made the want list too
  10. Very nice work Lachlan! Dugong tusk looks to be a beautiful material. Is it easy to come by? Its been on my list of wants for a long time.
  11. Thanks Yeah, It sorta does have tentacles tho they are supposed to represent new fern leaves growing. I've attached a couple more photos, hopefully they work out better. Here is a link for a more detailed one, I did see one with a light in it which looked pretty cool, unfortunately cant seem to find it again http://justinsomnia.org/2010/12/the-souvenir-i-didnt-get/
  12. Hello again, Here Is a bull skull I've been playing around with this week. It was a good learning curve as to where the thicker parts of the skull are so my next one can be a bit more complex. Also I changed the staining a bit on the little Tagua nut frog (posted in the comments of frogs and elephants) so as to see the lines better. Enjoy! .
  13. Thanks again........ Here is a little perons tree froggy I just did with my first Tagua nut. The eyes are bull horn and the first time I've in-layed. I like the nut staining patterns, its very hard to see in these photos but there is a sort of wood grain to it. The stain used was boiled pine cone and black peppercorn extract. Next project will be a Bali style bull skull carving, I've had my thoughts on one since I saw a buffalo one in another post. Hope you all enjoy!.
  14. Incredible! You give people something to strive for!! Well done!!
  15. Wow! Isnt it amazing to think that some of the things we create today could be some ones treasure that far into the future! Again, Well done!
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