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  1. Bruce Bird

    intro and antler question

    I carve antler and ivory . Moose antler is solid and you can carve in the round . Most antler is porous on the inside . The tips from all antler are solid from about 4 inches down . Happy carving .
  2. Bruce Bird

    A New Skull And Two Scrimshaw

    Naomi You carve great skulls. Sure like your work.
  3. Bruce Bird

    Carved Drum Beater

    Sorry, don,t know how the photos are done. Bruce
  4. Bruce Bird

    Carved Drum Beater

    This is one of my latest drum beaters carved from moose antler. A raven, with argillite eyes . The rest of the handle is juniper. Bruce Bird
  5. Bruce Bird

    Greetings From Winnipeg, Mb Canada

    Hi Wendy Welcome to this group of wonderful people Bruce
  6. Bruce Bird

    Whale Teeth And Such

    You do very good work. Whale tooth sure is nice to carve. Bruce
  7. Bruce Bird

    Hello From Greece

    Nice work. Are they on an Abalone shell ? How do you polish them up ? Bruce
  8. Bruce Bird

    Decretive Carvings On Canes

    Hi CV Wood I have made some canes and use moose antler for the handle. I've carved eagle and raven heads in the antler. Looks great and you can use the natural bend in the antler. Have fun. Bruce
  9. Bruce Bird

    My Month In Jade

    Very well done Tom, I like how thin you managed to get the rings,
  10. Bruce Bird

    Mini Alligator Skull.

    Hi Josh I missed the alligator skull but can tell you that Moose antler has a solid inside and can be carved. Elk and deer are porous inside. All the tips are solid on all antlers.The best part of moose antler is where it attaches to the skull. Hope this helps Bruce
  11. Hi Billy Sure like your work. Is this piece from a whale tooth ? I'm working on a whale tooth these days. Bruce
  12. Bruce Bird

    Hi From South Wales, And A Query About Antler

    Hi Andrew Antler can be filed, scraped and I use sharp knifes and chisels . Your tools work better sharp. The antler polishes up nicely with polishing compound then buffed on a wheel. Fresh antler will still have a moisture content just as wood does. Do not put it near any hot heat source. Or bake in a window because it will crack. Have fun Bruce
  13. Bruce Bird

    Hi From South Wales, And A Query About Antler

    Hi Andrew If the antler is not dirty then you do not need to wash it. Maybe take a wire brush to it if you think that will help. You might want to get a dust mask and eye protection if you are power carving. I put antler in a big vise and use a hand saw to cut it up.The tips are solid about 3 or 4 inches down, then the center gets porous. Hope this helps you. Bruce
  14. Hi Naomi I like it. The background is a smooth uniform depth. Good design too. Gives me ideas for my next sea lion skull. Bruce
  15. Bruce Bird

    Sea Lion Skull Carving

    Thanks for your comments. This is my first attempt at carving a skull. Mark watch out for very thin spots. I looked up thru the neck hole to see where it was thin and drew a circle at that spot. Have fun. Bruce