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  1. Good time dear friends, I decided to show example of Russian's carver work.
  2. Good time dear friends, I decided to sell 7 pieces of bone on Etsy.com https://www.etsy.com/listing/385543568/bone-for-carvers-carvers-7-pieces-of?ref=shop_home_active_1 But I don't know the type of material, please, your opinion. Best regards Vlad.
  3. All pieces of mammoth tusk will be sold via Etsy.com, please, offer your price.
  4. Hi, everyone. Please, tell me about time of producing this art composition. Your opinion needed. Best regards Vladimir.
  5. Please, offer your price. Weight - 1.05 kg. Diameter: 12 - 13.7 cm. Height: 4.5 - 8.5 cm.
  6. I'm sorry, I forgot to write dimension: "Diameter" - 6 * 6.5 cm. Height_1 - 2.3 cm. Height_2 - 3.9 cm.
  7. Please, offer your price. Weight is 165 gram ( 0.165 kg. ), Please, pay your attention - international delivery is $10.
  8. Good time dear friends. I would like to sell this piece of mammoth tusks. From Ukraine. Weight - 0.6 kg. Dimension will be available a litter later. Best regards. ----------------------------------------------- The Forum Administrator's note: The Carving Path forum is not a platform for sales, as stated in the registration guidelines that you all read when you registered. Please contact Sergeyy S. privately if you are interested in learning about the particular details regarding pricing and purchasing.
  9. It's real Siberian whole tusk, the dream of any carver, on my opinion.
  10. Length - 30 - 31 cm., diameter - 13 - 15 cm., weight - 8.2 kg.
  11. There're 2 pieces of Mammoth tusk (for example), that I have.
  12. My dear friends, I'd to be a good supplier of small and big pieces of Mammoth tusk (different size,shape and quality), but I have some problems in this way. In the case, if somebody is interested in, you'll write to me: vladimir702012@yandex.ru I show all my pieces of Mammoth tusk for you.
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