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  1. Hey there, most I know remove the knuckles , remove excess marrow then heat it up in simmering water using heat and detergent to remove the oils , some use a bleach as well though this can result in the material looking somewhat plastic. Once this is done then there is usually a thin outer layer to be removed by scraping that has been compromised by the process. After that its simply a case of picking out part of the bone that is solid and having a go :-) important to protect your lungs too bone and shell can be deadly if inhaled as in does not break down, hope this helps Cheers
  2. Hi just thought I would share what i have been told for those interested,designs along these lines and derivatives were based on fully functional gill hooks. The bait would be attached/ tied to the hook and when it was inhaled by the fish the fisherman would attempt to snag the fish by its gills there by transferring the weight of the fish to the thickest / strongest part of the hook rather than relying on a sharp point to pierce the lip/jaw. Neat ae? Functionality , understanding of the species feeding habits , working within the parameters governed by the physical properties of the material
  3. I can see how you would develop rsi cleaning those cross overs up beautiful work bro , nice peice of material too from what I can see , it looks stunning, not too sure how he used it but a carver named hepi maxwell used to use an old singer , the type that used to fold out of a table as a travelling/mobile setup for demonstratioms
  4. thanks for the answer to the question lachlan as i had been wondering this myself , actually been wondering if something like a reciprocating device with adhesive backed diamond film stuck to a blade would work , am also intrigued by the idea of being able to attach a length of diamond paper between two fixed points that then reciprocates ie the strip could be threaded into holes in the material ,( he says eyeing off the girls sewing machne ) ;-) been also thinking bout diamond paper belts sliced thin then tensioned between two pulleys so as too have an abrasive belt with a level of flex and
  5. May be find a deer farm farm that has them stocked bro I think there is a wild population of sitka out warwick way but they not as easily found as the red deer . Cheers.
  6. Thanks for your kind words bro, very much appreciated , yeah man those fellas their work just sends my head reeling , the idea of rendering such a hard material into a soft tactile and organic form is a challenge that appeals to me how they do it is somewhat still mystifying , tho I am starting to wrap my head around it the hands lol have a long way to go. Had a few challenges distracting from my mahi, but most of them getting sorted, soon a workshop to build, then looking forward to getting really stuck into this , when I aren't playing round with this stuff I miss it immensely . Cheers Ma
  7. well here we go, I have a long road ahead of me before I am comfortable with my execution , but the concept is ok, inspired like many others by the artistry of donn salt , micheal glasby and others lucky enough to have had Donn's tutelage , I have had a crack at an idea that I have had in my head for a while. The concept is to incorporate pearls worn at mums wedding by our grandmother, into a series of flowers and shell based designs for the girls in the family descendant from that great lady that had such a pivotal role in our family. The pearls are to act as buttons securing the cord to t
  8. Hey lachlan,if your ever in Rotorua check out lewis Gardiner and crew at rakai pounamu they do carve your own in the studio , very friendly , and able to give advice on all sorts of fronts regarding carving jade , I spent a week in there and can't rate it high enough :-)
  9. kia ora bro, as always I am very appreciative ( to say the least ) of the balance that you achieve in your mahi , from concept, to design and execution , wicked stuff, but your korero cuz !! te mihimihi o te taonga , aue ! that's the one that raises the hair of the forearms, te ihi, te wehi, te wana when they are present and in balance, creates a resonance that is very, very cool bro, and always a welcome addition to the day Thanks for taking the time to post your mahi billy ka kite ano mace
  10. nice bro, like the way you look at differing ways of incorporating crossovers in your designs rather than following the more commonly seen approaches , in particular how you've looked to show of the translucent beautiful looking stone, is there a particular epoxy you use to address the crack you've found in your jade ? gotta say bro that's some talent you' ve got going on there ! cheers
  11. kia ora mate http://www.donnsaltjade.com/carve-a-moebius/ Is where I found it, costs $ 28 US, for me its a gem worth every cent, hints on setting up gear, the advantages of using pneumatic sanding drums, reading stone , the golden mean all sorts of little insights , really neat ae !! Hope all is well ka kite bro. Mace .
  12. well the tutorial arrived today and to be honest i couldn't be happier , great insights shared on reading grain in jade , where to cut , and how to pick the working face and why , worth every cent and more , i couldn't recommend this dvd highly enough for those wishing to avail themselves of the experience of a very talented individual cheers all
  13. thanks for the info lachlan , its answered alot of questions that have been floating around in my head , I very much appreciate the time everyone has taken to my queries , its easy to get a bit lost when pottering around by yourself , which i guess is one of the great advantages of sharing thru an online community like this well ,off to spend some coin !! cheers all :-):-):-)
  14. congratulations Michael , obviously a very well deserved result , you must have been stoked :-)
  15. Just got an email about a video recorded during a workshop on carving a moebius ribbon in jade featuring Don Salt filmed last year, and thought that I would let others know its available in case it hadn't been mentioned in the forum. Its always been a bit of a pipe dream to be able to attend the workshops I see happening online and to be honest was rapt to see something along these lines has been released :) will post a beginners perspective after having watched it , but um am likely to have a biased opinion as I have been a fan of both him and Owen Mapp since I was a young un at school ,
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