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  1. http://koptelovy.ru/ amazing work.can readthe language(anyidea) mamoth ivory..
  2. the reason you cant find them is they dont make them .. wich is also the reason i bought two..one used and one near new.ive never used it..
  3. have e mailed you..let me know if you dont get it.thanx
  4. i forgot i also use crayon on large pieces.. but you cant use it on small no room for lost detail,ive used the pencil (purple ) ones i used for techichal drawing,but even thouse didnt last..
  5. ive had a problem of late.. my carvings are wood generally,stone i use a light marker of just ingrave it a bit and follow that.. but wood is getting difficult,it seems if i use ink/pen,it gets worn over and if its pencil its that same only quicker.some pens grub up too quick and some dont have thin enough lines.. hope this hasnt been posted before i did look...
  6. p.s. im getting rid of them cause im planning on moving back to europe...they dont work there....
  7. do you have a picture or make or mark?
  8. one is like new the other is used but works just fine...i only have one set of the blades it comes with they are used...there are websites offering new blades flexcut and others.. the model is dc 500 .(reciprocating http://carverscompan...lAker/Mvc-1.jpg i am selling both for less than i paid for... please get in touch if your interested.i will take best offer. im on the west coast of b.c. near vancouver.. as to shipping ive no idea what it might cost..i paid well over $160.00 for them..thanx to all. m
  9. Northwest Stone Sculptors Association these people should be able to help out where to get stone.. if your ever over vanc way theres loads of places .. .shout out ..
  10. dont know why it isnt here .. but i did post the type of donkey,thats has if not solid the most dense..so its not a myth its fact....
  11. yes ive seen it once, .. to correct it will take a water grinder or a no heat grinder(type of stone wheel) generally white in colour. if its a small bevel id work with it... (you can use them for doing concaves..if its its large..or is it convex... )any rate it relly depends on how much they cost vs. the cost of them. and how much will be left once you have reground them...good luck...
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