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  1. this is one of my work its a whale on top of whale bone iv been collecting whalebone for centuries hope youll like it.
  2. it is just one of many things i like doing i like it how it haves heaps of detail but thanks look at my website for more sea creature carving thanks www.fehokoart.com
  3. this some of my previous work all done from black coral. give feedback if you like.
  4. this is talent. its very nice it shows you love what your doing and its really nice to see your style thanks alot for sharing. love it great work.
  5. thanks everyone for stopping by and viewing my work hope to work with you near future and share ideas best regard
  6. hi david just wondering if you can be able to carve the jade? is it similar to green stone?
  7. hey im new to this and i really like the forum if you wana know more about me then check my website thanks. www.fehokoart.com best regard sitiveni
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