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  1. Hello all... I wanted to try something more "traditional"... and I just LOVE the fish-hook shape. Got the blanks from eBay... seller declared them to be CAMEL bone... may this be possible? Too bad they were too thin (around 5mm) to have a really three-dimensional finished piece... well, for a pendant they may be fine.. next time I'll try to get a more "shapely" result Made some mistakes here and there, but I was able to correct most of them. Surface decoration is still underdeveloped... hope to improve in the future. Leashing is a pain... more photos here http://cuntraria.wor...tau-birthday-2/ comments are welcome... Marco
  2. Hello all... As I said in my introductory post, I'm a complete beginner in carving.... but eager to experiment. I ordered some tagua nuts from eBay, and tried carving one. I cut it in half (snapping at least three blades of my hand saw... I need to get a band-saw), and improvised a design... just random flowing elements. Since it was the first time of working with this material, I didn't know what to expect... But in the end I'm happy with the results. I found the hardnes of the material pleasant... I did some experiemnts with alabaster found it too brittle (but is just an opinion, and may dapend from the fact that I'm an absolute beginner) I did some error here and there, and could not remove completely some scratches I did where the tool slipped away. Polishing was easier than expected. better resolution mages are at: http://cuntraria.wor...ant-birthday-1/ As usual, I end up taking the photos in a hurry, with poor results. Now the piece has reached its destination (it was a gift).. so no more photo opportunities :-( With the other half of the nut I'm not having much luck.. The inner, softer part is exposed, and is making the piece almost unusable... I started again freehanding a design, but i'm somehow disappointed so far... bah... I'll see where it will go.. if nothing else, it would have been some exercise... Comments are welcome ! Marco
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    Hello there... my name is Marco, from Italy (I live in Pisa). I am a computer guy, work as a researcher in the Computer Graphics field. I ove to craft things, eperimenting with very different materials and techniques (never remaining on the same stuff too long). I recently got interest in carving, and started browsing this forum while experimenting at home... Here I learned a lot of things, and I hope to continue learning... I experimented a bit with alabaster, tagua nuts and bone. I do have a blog where I post my works/experiments/projects... the last couple posts are about carving http://cuntraria.wordpress.com/ nice to meet you all Marco
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