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    Bone Carver, wood block carver, toy maker
  1. tioga

    Hand Tools

    Colin, My woodworking tools, for the most part, don't work with bone. I use jewlers saws and scroll saws to rough out the design, then go to various files to bring it down. Lol, I have a 16" ferriers rasp, 1 side rasp and the other coarse file, that works wonders in reducing the peice down to the detailing size. Dremel diamond points are an inexpensive tool to detail with. But final details are tiny files, then polish with various grades of rouge. I inlay with abalone shell and that process is slow and precise. Finished pieces have the wet look of ivory. Ti
  2. tioga

    I Have Two Ryobi Power Carvers To Get Rid Of...

    I want to get them from you. Thanks, Bill
  3. tioga

    Gouges Sharpened Wrong

    Hers is a photo of the In-cannel chisel. It is on the outside of a bowl I am making, and I have learned how to use it. Thanks for all your help. Bill
  4. tioga

    I Have Two Ryobi Power Carvers To Get Rid Of...

    I have been looking for one of these for a couple of years. They are not stocked at Home Depot or Lowes, at least not here. I am interested.
  5. tioga

    I Have Two Ryobi Power Carvers To Get Rid Of...

    Sorry Marz, haven't got your email. I don't think they got caught in my filters, but you never know. Please try again, I am on now. Orpost yore emailand I'll email you. billdraper@earthlink.net Thanks
  6. tioga

    I Have Two Ryobi Power Carvers To Get Rid Of...

    I am interested. email me; billdraper@eathlink.net
  7. tioga

    Gouges Sharpened Wrong

    I now see these gouges described as incannel gouges. When I use them like regular gouges, they dig into the wood, ruining the work. I suppose they could be for making holes that are round as the chisels radius. The thing is, the one I have is not circular, it's flared like a #6 or #7 regular gouge, that will not make a circular hole, certainly not a perfectly round one. Thanks for your suggestions. Janel, I'll figure out how to post a photo one of these days.
  8. I just bought a lot I on EBAY. Most of the gouges are sharpened wrong, with the bevel on the inside of the curve. Is this how it was done in the past? I am not sure I can use them as is, I'll have to reshape and resharpen, I hope the temper of the tool doesn't change. Anyone seen this before?
  9. tioga

    Self-taught vs. having had a teacher

    Not me! I have to ask how, of friends, craftsmen, carpenters, blacksmiths and other carvers. I have found a never ending supply of training and question answering. About 90% of the tips and examples are on tract, and I suspect that I didn't understand the 10% well enough. Out of college I landed a marketing position with Millers Falls and it was nice to know how most of their tools worked. Ever had to teach how to use a framing square? Lots of scales to learn about. Moving in to carving as I near retirement has been fun. The same techniques work for me now as they did as a youth, ask questions and sit back and listen. Then try the skill and listen to the critique and learn fast. Carving clubs are a wealth of information. Everything I learned has been taught this way. I have improved things but that has been me improving my skills and my carving techniques. Self taught>>> no way. Bill