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    Sealing Mammoth Ivory

    liquid paraffin is mineral oil.
  2. I would like to know more about your drone, and anyway to save energy is not a bad idea, I use binoculars for the same thing, so it 's a great idea!
  3. Tom Edward

    Ebony Inro

    Thank you for sharing this, good to see that you succeeded!
  4. Tom Edward

    Filet Knife In Lilac Wood And Buffalo Horn

    Hey Stefan it is very well done, and lilac wood is special, very hard and beautiful, well done! I like that Swedish / Saami style of leather finishing as well
  5. Tom Edward


    Hey Alain thanks again, I want ot make and carve a container based loosley on several containers and how they might be constructed, this helps immensely!
  6. Tom Edward

    нэцкэ "Кирин"

    And he's complete! that is talent,,,, Bravo!
  7. Tom Edward


    Thank you Alain,! does any one here make inro boxes?
  8. Tom Edward


    Hello Everyone, my question is Inro the Japanese boxes suspended from a cord,. there's all this buzz about the netsuke carving, the beads ojime, but little on the boxes called INRO. Does anyone here have a tutorial on these items, how to's would be wonderful, and any images that are not already on the web. Thanks Janel for the soap box! Cheers to one and All
  9. Tom Edward

    Water Sphere Lens As A Magnifying Glass ,

    I love this, I have not tried it but OH BOY will I, thanks for this!
  10. Tom Edward

    Puppy In A Hat

    Oh so very cool! well done!!!
  11. Tom Edward

    Sparrow On A Pear

    DITTO_DITTO, I a not agree more, Lopacki, Oleg has more latent than me for sure, blessed hands no doubt!
  12. Tom Edward


    Re; Roberts " little helper", I have tried to do some work on shell in an engraving block and was not happy with my attempt, however after employing that "engraving key" I can now make something that looks much better. If anyone here is working with shell I would like to hear rom them, and what type of carving and engraving that they are doing, and what type of shell that they are working with.
  13. Tom Edward

    Superb High Grade Jadeite Carvers

    Hey Lopacki, I look forward to that shell overlay article, I have seen several but really enjoy the item that you have made and I brought back a bunch of shell with me from travels that will work great for that! Thanks again.
  14. Tom Edward

    Superb High Grade Jadeite Carvers

    Hey Daniel thanks for this, can you tell us in a new thread about your inlayed shell pieces that you have done? start to finish maybe? Cheers.
  15. Tom Edward

    Giant Clam Shell?

    I can see why you have suggested giant calm shell, very nice looking stuff. For antler I would look to NZ venison growers. The base of a moose antler is not much different from the base of an elk antler, the crown buttons would work, just be selective.