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  1. Although I have never degreased bone, I understand that it needs to be boiled for a long time and that it stinks the house out!!!
  2. Sorry Jim, I have never found a solution to that problem. Best of luck
  3. I wish my space was as clear and clean as this. After 18years of no attention, I should perhaps get down to it, BUT there always seems so many more interesting things to do. I was looking for some wood for a commission and found quite a few pieces of wood full of beetle, so they went out. The first step????
  4. I have long sight and have to use x4 to see detailed work. I have the approach that if I cannot see any blemish, then it does not exist. I do not look too hard as I have not enough time to chase 100% perfection, there is always something else to do that is more exciting
  5. Hi Tom As I replied to you query about abrasives I use scalpels for fine work. I do not worried about the angles of tools. My gouges are sharpened for the wood being used. hard wood needs a bigger angle than soft woods like bass. Do this by eye and on a whether it works basis rather than a measurement.
  6. I have a life long aversion to using abrasive papers on any carving. I believe that a carving can loose it's detail and shape to easily when abrasive papers are used I prefer a tool finish. For small work I use scalpels. These are available in Uk from Swan Morton see http://www.swann-morton.com/product_range/1.php. They come sharper than I can resharpen and cheap enough to throw away. I have carved bone and and oak with them gently. If the surface needs a higher smoothness, I use them as a scraper. They have a tendency to break when used as a scraper as the blade is then where it joins the blade See my work on www.jawoodsculptor.co.uk
  7. Hi Matt I am 73 and am careful about my back, so I want work at the right height. I use a square garden fence post that goes into the vice on the bench. In uk and i am sure else where, there are metal post holders see http://www.diy.com/departments/blooma-galvanised-steel-post-plate-support-l45mm-w45mm/1628530_BQ.prd?FPG_LHN_FPS_TL I use this to the top of the fence post, and attaché the work to it directly through the holes provided if the work is big enough. If the work is smaller, I use a piece of scrap wood screwed into the base of the work and then bolt the scrap wood to the metal post holder. As the fence post is square, you can turn the post round in the vice easily, and approach the work from a different angle. See my work on www.jawoodsculptor.co.uk
  8. Hi I am lucky to have beams above my work space and have fixed several ordinary cup hooks in various positions so I can use the Dremel exactly where I need it. I have put a wire hoop onto the end of the Dremel as the beam is too high for me to reach the on / off switch easily
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