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    golf, bonsai, carving.
  1. Hi Ed. 29" x 7" x 1". The shape is what appealed to me when I found the blanks in a firewood pile, about to become winter heat. They were adirondack chair arms.
  2. Hi Just finished a few new carvings of western red cedar planks.
  3. Hi This is one of my favorite works, carved from dead standing western juniper collected from the neighbourhood hills.
  4. Hi just an alert that when I clicked on one of the antler pics. it linked to a porn site! ps, love your carvings
  5. what is the best finish for mammoth ivory pendants, Natasha mentioned white spirits and paraffin, any other methods that will protect against body oils and moisture.
  6. great work, do you do workshops???
  7. Hi Thanks for the kind words, it was a dead standing tree at the bottom of a small cliff. It took 2 yrs of staring at the root ball before the dragon appeared. First idea was an eagle flying out of the roots but couldnt make it fit. I am still not happy with the eyes and want to inlay jade eyes. Some green and yellow , or red. I don`t know much about semi precious stones and colour or carveability,
  8. Hi I want to put red jade eyes in my dragon, any extra red jade out there to swap for mammoth ivory? Or juniper wood or??? Thanks Brian
  9. Jules, would you be interested in juniper, diamond willow sticks, or mammoth ivory for trade?
  10. Here is a dragon coming out of a large juniper root ball, i am planning to redo the eyes in red jade, and ivory or ebony.
  11. nice work Billy, especially like the details in the ferns? how did you come up with the design ? Brian bcwoodcarver
  12. infinity pendant Mammoth Ivory and 2nd in bcbudd series
  13. Brian C


    I have been carving for twenty years using mostly local BC woods, juniper, cedar, arbutus,from southern British Columbia and mammoth ivory and jade from northern British Columbia. A google image search for bcwoodcarver will show my carvings.
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