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    Am I The Only One?

    I don't see anyone doing anything in wax. Am I the only one who carves wax? Just curious.
  2. Dan I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for but if you go to bing.com in the images and look for caricature carvings you'll find a plethora of carvings. Some of them can be fun to carve and give away as gifts. Also you might check out Caricature Carvers of America. Hope this helps.
  3. TJ Verrett

    Carving Books

    Tony just found this on youtube not sure if it will help.
  4. TJ Verrett

    Carving Books

    Not sure of any books but for most of what I'm looking for I go to youtube first chances are someone has or is doing it. I'd like to try carving bone sometime just to see if I like it. Here in Nebraska finding bones should be fairly easy given the fact that we have plenty if cattle here. Good luck in your quest!
  5. TJ Verrett

    Power Carving Equipment Suggestions

    UPDATE! After further reading through forum it would appear that I'm an idiot for not doing my research here. So ignore this post and chock it up to ignorance!
  6. TJ Verrett

    Self-taught vs. having had a teacher

    Well I guess I fit right in here because I too am self taught in may areas of my creative life. I first learned how to draw when I was a boy and later on I taught myself how to airbrush, and then i moved onto sign painting before the advent of vinyl signs. Of course I also taught myself how to do wood carving and now I'm using those same techniques in wax carving. However I don't do wax carving for jewelry or anything like that I just like carving faces and whatever else I can think of. This is just my opinion but I feel that those of us who are self taught have had better training than those who went to college. My reason for saying that is that if we the self taught were to go to college I think we would have the advantage over the other students because we've had the real world experiences and they haven't. So whatever I've taught myself for what it's worth I wouldn't trade it for anything. I've never had the financial privileges that others have had so whatever I wanted or needed I usually had to learn on my own or I had to make it myself. Such as tools or equipment, even now I'm making my own tools for my wax carving hobby I just seem to enjoy it more than just buying whatever I need. And sometimes the tool that you need doesn't exist so you have to make it. Now having said all of this if there were something new that I wanted to learn and was given the opportunity to get training on it yes I think I would take it. Because the way I see it is that no matter how you get educated get it without education you're just floundering around and flounders get eaten.
  7. I've been seeing a lot of you talking about using a Dremel tool for your carvings and I have a suggestion for you that might help you. If you're not doing carving on a full time basis and by this I mean more than 4 hours at a time then by all means go with the Dremel. But if you're doing work that takes more than 4 hours and you want a tool that has the strength to hold up then I highly suggest going with the Foredom power carver. I once owned one of these and regret ever selling it. The difference between it and the Dremel is daylight and dark. The Dremel could not keep up with the long hours of use plus their flex shafts are off poor quality they tend to break easy and they jam up. The Foredom on the other hand is built with a 1/3 hp motor comes with a high quality flex shaft and foot pedal plus the motor will run in forward or reverse. The hand piece for it is capable of hold different size collets it feels like a real tool in your hand and the whole thing is built to run long hours. Burrs from the Dremel can be used in it furthermore there is a wider selection of burrs for it than for the Dremel. Granted the Foredom is more expensive than the Dremel but you get what you pay for as for durability and power. I used to carve numerous woodspirits to sell at shows and I had to have a tool that would keep up with my high usage and the Dremel just could not do it I would constantly have to replace the flex shaft or the entire unit due to over usage. But once I got the Foredom in my hand I could go for hours without having to replace anything. Except for the fact that I accidentally got to close to my shirt with the tool and it broke the inner shaft but that was user error. So if you intend on going pro or just want an excellent tool that will stay you for a long time go with the Foredom. You'll be glad you did. BTW here is the link of where to buy this http://www.woodcraft.com/product/2005912/19153/wecheer-14-hp-flexible-shaft-carver-kit.aspx
  8. TJ Verrett

    Dremel Tools Advice

    Just my 2 cents worth but for long term power carving go with the FOREDOM carver it comes with the flex shaft and foot pedal. Excellent tool to work with plus you can get different collets for it and many types and sizes of burrs for it. woodcraft.com has them and all of the accessories for them. The Dremel is ok for short term use but in my experience their flex shafts are of poor quality they tend to break very easy and if you bend it the wrong way it'll stop working. If you want a tool that will stay with you for a long time buy the good stuff and stay away from the junk.
  9. TJ Verrett

    Diy Wax Carving Tools

    .jpg]What exactly are you wanting to see? Basically you take an old windshield wiper rip the rubber out of it and get the long spring steel inside of it. Then what I do is sharpen it with a whet stone just to get an edge on it the just bend it into the shape that I need. I've got some pics of the sculpting loops and of the spring steel so you can see what you're after. Hopefully that will help. If you have questions feel free to ask or comment.
  10. TJ Verrett

    Hey From The Cornfields Of Nebraska

    It was suggested by the admin here that I tell a little about myself. To begin with I like taking long walks off of short piers and swim with the sharks. I have beautiful long blonde hair and blue eyes and I'm looking for a lifelong commitment. Oh wait wrong forum sorry! Ok then that was awkward. Actually I'm a fat and ugly 54 year old guy with a warped sense of humor that lives in Broken Bow Nebraska. I'm a former police officer and currently a storm spotter for my county and local radio station. I started carving woodspirits about 8 maybe 9 years ago, and now I carve wax for a hobby. I used to be an airbrush artist and sign painter but due to a neurological disorder my hands have got to be quite shaky so no more airbrushing and sign painting. I don't carve anything small because of my fine motor skills wont allow it but I muddle through anyway. I don't show any of my carvings because I feel that they're not up to my standards. So there you have it I'm the crazy guy in cornfields with a sharp knife and twisted sense of humor. I guess that make me a crazy corny cut up. Try saying that 3 times real fast. If you have any questions or comments for me please forward them to my psychologists. And they'll slip them into my padded cell. Ok time for my meds now (giggles silently back to his cell) time for lights out and Wappner at 11
  11. TJ Verrett

    Diy Wax Carving Tools

    I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in this but just in case here it is. I began carving in wood some years ago and have since moved onto carving wax as a new medium. After a considerable amount of searching on what tools to use I found out that sculpting tools work best for this. So being the cheap (expletive goes here) that I am i decided to make my own sculptors loops which leads me to my how to. If you go to your local auto dealership ask them if they have any windshield wiper inserts laying around chances are they will and they'll give them to you. What you want from the wipers are the spring steel that's inside throw the rest of the wiper away. Now with a reference pic of the loops grab your needle nose pliers and either an extra pair or small vice grips bend the steel into whatever shape you need and voila you have a sculptors loops now I used the good old fashion duct tape to hold the thing together you may want to stick the thing into some handle for better aesthetics and comfort. I had a bunch of these laying around from my lock picking days no I'm not a thief or burglar I did it as a hobby and I wanted to be a locksmith. So if you happen to be into wax carving or sculpting of any kind save a few bucks and make your own tools. BTW sorry no pics of the tools.