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    My New Animal Carvings (Dmitrygor)

    these are beautiful pieces of work, thank you for sharing your craft and art with us. They are truelly inspiring. I also think the choice of mounting your pieces is well incorporated in the art making it stand out more.
  2. Bonnie D

    Trick Or Treat

    nicely done.. :)
  3. Bonnie D


    for what its worth while reading throught the posts, is pricing is variable, what works for you might not works so well for another. personaly pricing is by the seat of my pants..something i learned from waiting tables and pricing...never tell custumer the lowest price but ask for what they think its worth and they ll give you the low end for sure..so with that in mind you tell them that since you like them you'll bring the price down to a reasonable fair range not so far from what they offered but alittle bit more than what they offered..negotiations and it make the customer feel like they got the better end of the deal... Quality, Service, Pricing.... which one would you choose over the other in your regards to purchasing something? Pricing sometimes isnt even the issue with a client, sometimes its one of the others. I have often found that on digital or social media it is all about the priceing because one is unable to pick up piece or inspect it with their own eyes, this i believe creates a distrust for the item in question so, then service, and then quality comes into play. I like the three tier idea...it doesnt realy work for me since i have a different motive...get rid of what ive made so i can make more... a distant memory surfaces we trade money for what were willing to sacrifice like our time...hourly work for income, money used in investments to make money, and i forget the others. Best of luck on finding a good pricing guide that works for you i still think the tier is a sound idea..time consumming at first but well worth the effort.
  4. Bonnie D

    Any Luck On Etsy Anyone?

    I too have a shop on etsy, this is what i have found..the more unique the better... and when listing items use key words in the title because when people search the titles are a first search of key words. So if the market isnt swamped with your type of craft the better and the titles used are a great way to get out there in the media. the down side is this is a crafters market trying to sell their craft not so much to purchase other craft...I have a huge wish list there and i cant get all the things i want, but a little bit each time. Hope this helps.
  5. eggs, emu and duck, some drift wood some river rocks, OH HEY LOOKIE THERE! I thought i lost this!! emeralds a few more lose gems all in this cute little box...oh and some sea shells...plant food? so all in all on my bench is alittle bit of this and a little bit of that and of course most if not all of my tools.
  6. Bonnie D

    Quotes That Shaped Or Inspired Your Work

    "what else can you do?" my mom. People are so busy telling others what they cant do that individuals can sometimes agree when it is an untruth. so the real question is, is not what one cant do but what can they do?
  7. Bonnie D

    Sumo Wrestlers

    of many asian pieces made in this world i think this is one of my favorites
  8. Bonnie D

    Ryusa Netsuke

    i would use power tools and sometimes its the power tool that breaks a piece...hand tools, power tools...use them both it is the outcome that matters....shoe dye? ill have to experiment with that one thank you.
  9. Bonnie D

    Hippo Carving

    a beautiful piece, beautiful
  10. Bonnie D

    Cultural Differences and Art

    I didnt read all of the comments and replies, but this topic actually bothers me on some level...I never thought one could steal art from another it just doesnt occur to me in my head. I know artist adopt or utilize methods designs and what ever else to put into thier personal repritoir or tool box, it isnt out of disrespect or to exploit. I know some people refuse anything "un authentic" its no worries perhapse the piece of art isnt for them after all. personaly ive been adopted into different tribes and my talent dose not include being able to carve some of the beautiful things of each culture, it does not mean that i am any less or more. I am different. I am a crafts person too and thats how i am seen..it is enough. Ok, if people put a copyright on thier art what good would it do, its like trying to copyright a tattoo or get this, DNA how does one get these ideas? one just cant steal art unless there is a price tag and is owned by someone else and non-owner takes it without permission then thats stealing art. I get worked up about this because i feel as if the art is some how not good enough when in all truth it is. when a culture or society accepts the art from a non-native how can so many people be wrong?
  11. Bonnie D

    New Lapidary School....help?

    i wouldnt know for sure but maybe a wet table saw or those tile cutters, dremels with the diamond tips and drill are nice to have on hand and those nifty clamps with the magnifying glass are nice for small detailing work or just clamps to hold your work in place..turn tables are nice to have...and some sturdy cloth like canvas helps to keep things from getting to scratched up and protect projects depending what it is... good luck with all of it and let us know how it goes.
  12. Bonnie D

    Self-taught vs. having had a teacher

    well you guys and everyone else are my teachers so...what does that mean? The people who have inspired me was a step father who had a work shop and let me fiddle around with scraps and a biological father that let me use his pocket knife to peel off bark on tree limbs for fire starter and smores and... Anyways to the person/s who are told they are not gifted enough, I will agree to disagree with them and potty words come to mind with that. I am still learning...and thank you all for being my teachers.
  13. Bonnie D

    Hi, I'm Rebecca

    maybe you could carve a cat like yours? welcome and looking forward to seeing your work.
  14. Bonnie D

    Ethics...i'm New Here But...

    Honestly I think it depends on the carver and how they feel, me I havent touched this egg simply because i see way more value init as a whole rather than art. Technically its so low a grade its worht is maybe five dollars on the market. To me maybe i put in a sentimental value as priceless wonder of creation. But needless to say I find the oddest of things I find bones all the time (carcauses) some from poaching, some from accidents, some just part of natural selection. I have a deep respect for life and death and yes even put myself at risk turning in a poacher. It does not nessecarily deter me in what i pick up to add art to or make from. I truely hope that when a client makes a purchase of the art they put in as much value in the life it once held as I do. If you are at peace with the work and art You are probably ok, chances are your not buying in bulk amounts ivory tusks whale bones or what ever you may be useing...and since most of you have been carving for sometime on such materials you automatically know if its newly accuried or found and has aged for sometime. where i am from there are many avid hunters some strictly for trophies some for food some just for "sport". I have come across animals without the ears and tails some with the feet cut off some just simply destroyed...and my heart hurts, i have to explain to my children and see them sad. I understand that maybe i put to much value on "Pests" i dont agree with the obvious mutilation of such creatures pests or not. I know some people take certain parts of the animal because of a bounty...i understand that i dont have to like it and i think there are better ways to leave the remains.
  15. Bonnie D

    Am I The Only One?

    I have a piece someone did for me many moons ago as a gift. what kind of wax is used and why? I am always worried it might break or melt or something. I carve eggs sometimes...not that it has anything to do with wax I just think its delicate and fragile...kind of like all the work i see and admire...