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  1. niky

    Throwback Thursday

    a lathe is the the way to make a kagamibuta easily and perfect fit Niky http://nikysenater.com/
  2. niky

    Throwback Thursday (a day late)

    excellent work Niky http://nikysenater.com/
  3. niky

    Mermaid - bone

    man you have way to go! before you show stuff
  4. niky

    Rat Almost A Netsuke

  5. niky

    Something Old, Something New

    good stuff ! wold like to see your tools Niky http://nikysenater.com/
  6. niky

    Recent Work In Huon Pine.

    I really dig your work ; could not find a lot of info on you... you can contact me, I am a collector and a carver: Niky Senater 326 Carlaw av suite 202 Toronto ON. m4m3n8 Canada 416-707-0817 nikysenater@gmail.com http://nikysenater.com/
  7. Are the menuki "off the shelf" or carved by you? Niky http://nikysenater.com/
  8. very good! Niky http://nikysenater.com/
  9. niky


    Niky Lamb made one; no Westerner has ever matched Inro making, it is an excruciating proses... http://www.sculpture-intense.com/ctl_nl_Year%20of%20the%20Hare.htm
  10. niky

    Chrysoprase Mobius

    Well done Michael; I am interested to buy Niky http://nikysenater.com
  11. niky

    Solo Exhibition Coming Up

  12. niky

    Website Refresh

  13. niky

    Cleaning Off Skin Grease From Bare Wood

    hi Debora / Janel yup, gloves and clean hands; there is an fine abrasive wheel jewellers use 18mm in diameter, I use it some time, alcohol also works on boxwood with a tooth brush. Don't know anything about pear wood.