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    Throwback Thursday

    a lathe is the the way to make a kagamibuta easily and perfect fit Niky http://nikysenater.com/
  2. niky

    Throwback Thursday (a day late)

    excellent work Niky http://nikysenater.com/
  3. niky

    Mermaid - bone

    man you have way to go! before you show stuff
  4. niky

    Rat Almost A Netsuke

  5. niky

    Something Old, Something New

    good stuff ! wold like to see your tools Niky http://nikysenater.com/
  6. niky

    Recent Work In Huon Pine.

    I really dig your work ; could not find a lot of info on you... you can contact me, I am a collector and a carver: Niky Senater 326 Carlaw av suite 202 Toronto ON. m4m3n8 Canada 416-707-0817 nikysenater@gmail.com http://nikysenater.com/
  7. Are the menuki "off the shelf" or carved by you? Niky http://nikysenater.com/
  8. very good! Niky http://nikysenater.com/
  9. niky


    Niky Lamb made one; no Westerner has ever matched Inro making, it is an excruciating proses... http://www.sculpture-intense.com/ctl_nl_Year%20of%20the%20Hare.htm
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    Chrysoprase Mobius

    Well done Michael; I am interested to buy Niky http://nikysenater.com
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    Solo Exhibition Coming Up

  12. niky

    Website Refresh

  13. niky

    Cleaning Off Skin Grease From Bare Wood

    hi Debora / Janel yup, gloves and clean hands; there is an fine abrasive wheel jewellers use 18mm in diameter, I use it some time, alcohol also works on boxwood with a tooth brush. Don't know anything about pear wood.
  14. Cathy, If a chisel was used then its not necessarily a carving...... carving is not about being therapeutic... is about creating awe inspiring work! You are not doing Tony a favor by being an enabler of work that does not entail skill, an endeavour to create art, and to excel in the craft you are involved in. Sorry Tony you can do much better, and spend more time on a concept before beginning a piece.... Niky http://nikysenater.com/
  15. niky

    Fish Basket

    thanks Anne
  16. niky

    Fish Basket

    Hi there ye carvers ; I am almost ready with my Fish Basket so far it took 1 month. and probably an other 3 weeks for the silver fish. I'll post pics when the fish is in work. http://nikysenater.c...17/fish-basket/ the work is never ending and so is the fun! Also have an other commission from Princes Takamado, an other kagamibuta.
  17. ?????? does this qualify as a carving.....................? may be a road sign
  18. Sheets of metal .50mm, composed of patterns, could be made any size, then cut for various objects (cigarette cases, powder cases); definitely soldered in an oven. Frames and locks soldered to the shaped sheets. Niky http://nikysenater.com/
  19. I am an eclectic artist schooled in fine arts. My entire career spanning 40+ years was in jewelry design and model making; I have painted, sculpted, and been involved in industrial design. I now dedicate my time to Netsuke carving. Japanese art is for me the ultimate expression of human aesthetic. I am an international award wining jewelry designer with 22 national and international awards, as well as an accomplished master goldsmith, sculptor, netsukishi/netsuke carver. Born in Bucharest Romania, I came to Canada in 1962. Studied fine art at the Ecole Des Beaux Arts, University of Montreal, specifically sculpture. Studied all facets of jewelry design and fabrication at the school for Applied Arts Pforzheim, Germany. Acquired extensive industrial design experience in the process of designing jewelry stores and plant facilities. Fluent in 5 languages including French, German, working understanding of Italian and Spanish I have been a Japanophile and collector of Japanese art since my twenties; after retiring from jewelry mgf recently, I decided to dedicate all my artistic endeavors to the carving of contemporary Netsukes. see my work on: http://nikysenater.com/
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    New To Carving Path Old To Carving...

    hey from Canada
  21. niky

    Mouse Netsuke

    it is a poor carving and an obvious fake; the paws are a mess , anatomically wrong, the underneath is a chop-chop job!! there is a big distinction between "primitive" and luck of skill and talent. I cant say anything redeeming about this churned out thing.............
  22. niky

    On My Bench

    I never work on one piece only; on my bench are, a Dung Beetle with a Longhorn called “uninvited guest”, (finished, just needs painting) one kagamibuta, one Japanese bamboo basket which will have a silver fish in it, one Gabon ebony / stag moon "cranes over the moon" (silver cranes), one pebble warped in fabric. See “about” on my site “my studio” http://nikysenater.com/ the shop is in my live/work loft. However I would like to share the repair of a leg on the dung beetle, which broke from too much undercutting (I have subsequently reinforced all legs while working, with a brace [wood splinter] made to go under the legs) See the boxwood peg prepared to reinforce the leg and the beetle leg held in place by wax
  23. niky

    On My Bench

    the lid is Ziricote