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  1. beautiful work http://weburbanist.com/2016/01/16/architectural-geodes-subtractive-sculptor-carves-ornate-spaces/
  2. A ring I just made for Naomi, using beef bone from Xmas dinner 2014.
  3. Thanks Bruce, thanks Andrew. The scrimshaw is just basic black acrylic .
  4. Ram skull, scrimshaw, yashabushi. A reference to the Earth cover album. and 2 new scrimshaw (still learning), first one on a ivory piano key and the second one on a cat jaw.
  5. Gorgeous Love the first one : whow wow wow !
  6. Text :Dreamland, by Edgar Allan Poe. Carved ram skull, yashabushi, handmade mica paint. Bigger pics here :
  7. yeah the facebook thing is a problem . It's a great opportunity to show your work and make connection (cuse verybody's on it) and at the same time it killed forums and places like that. I'm kinda old school about internet, I started using forum and putting music for free even before I ended up high school (I'm 37 now) , and facebook always looked to me a little bit suspicious....I don't have a facebook account for that reason and will not get one for that reason again (Naomi does) , And for me it's sad to see it is the main plateform the internet nowadays.... isn't the internet supposed to be
  8. Naomi loves your first picture , and I absolutly love the middle carving on the second picture !
  9. Thanks Lachlan ! And thanks Alain for all the tips as usual. It might be helpfull not for this zippo , but for a comming project I kinda like that it's getting dirtied or rusty by time and use, I couldn't find what was the metal used under the silver color, gee i really don't know "...." about metal carving anyway
  10. A friend asks, a friends receives Zippo. Illustration from Histoire naturelle des Cétacés by De Seves , twisted for the purpose. Kindly scrimshawed by the dirt of his pockets.
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