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  1. Much nicer than my plastic basket. Sand paper gets out of control on my finishing bench.
  2. Thank you very much Janel... I agree that part of my issue might be the very first lines that I put down. When I first started the work in the first image.. I used a tiny straight chisel using downward pressure to l lay out. But I've since bought a 1/16" v-tool (from Hida Tools) that might end up being a big help. However... I think part of my issue might be the conceptualization of the theme BEFORE putting the lines down. That is something that is probably not easy to get help with. I think that now that I'm planning to participate in this forum... that maybe the design sub-forum might
  3. Oh I should include this boxwood treefrog... very much inspired by Janel. :-) And also.. my first serious attempt at carving.... an attempt at an utsushi of a classic netsuke. Looking this now... I realize it's lacking in life and I should dig it out and work with it again:
  4. Hi folks.. I'm a swordsmith and I've been utilizing this forum on and off for years but have hesitated to contribute as I haven't been certain as to whether or not I want to commit to carving. Well I'm now getting to a point in which the carving is all I really want to do. :-) The works of Janel Jacobsen, Natasha Popova, Jim Kelso and Jake Powning keep me up at night. Right now I feel like I'm at a sort of turning point.. but am stuck with my current methods. I feel like I'm lacking the 'cleanliness' that I love in the folks that I just listed. Intuitively... I feel like my original 'pla
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