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  1. Michael entered the abstract carving section in the international opal jewelry design awards, great result, he did not want to post so I will brag for him, tough comp with entries world wide, and considering its his first opal carving a great result, but he said its no harder than carving jade.
  2. Tony, thanks for you kind comment, learning heaps, enjoying the carving journey.
  3. kurt, your carving goes well with that great gem.
  4. Thanks Alan & Kurt, I think Michael will only get his gear after I have used it, LOL.
  5. Recently joined this great community of carvers and artists, my partner michael B has been teaching me to carve stone, a pic of my recent works with help. Cheers Margie
  6. True art created by a master carver, very few can capture the human form as good as this, shape and balance.
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