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  1. Hi Janel One more thought on the flying eye problem. Take a large size (1 gal ) ziplock or food storage clear plastic bag. Insert a small board to cut on, the stick with the eye and a knife. Then either work though the single open end and cut the eyes off (easiest for me) or close the bag and manipulate the tools by grasping them through the clear plastic. Cut the eye off the stick if it flies the plastic bag will contain it. I do love your frogs, one can almost hear them call. Which considering we have a dusting of snow on the ground is quite an accomplishment. Dick Kahle
  2. Hi Janel Just checked out the link, and see that there have been a few additions since I last looked at the toopic. Will be ordering the book tomorrow. Thanks for the imput. Dick Kahle
  3. I have noted a somewhat negative review of this book in the Book Store. I am interested in finding out more about it as I am thinking about purchasing it. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has the book and is willing to share their thoughts about it. Thanks Dick Kahle
  4. Tom Let me add my thanks for the book. Being one with a soda straw connection it took nearly 2hrs to download and so far I have had time only to skim through the wealth of information contained in it. But I am curious as to ommissions of Maple and African Blackwood as being suitable for Netsuke? Thanks again for all your hard work. Dick Kahle
  5. Hi Tom I love your dagger and the whymsical approach to the handle. But would'nt it have been simpler to say wood burned rather than pryographed? Dick Kahle
  6. I would like to find out how carvers hold onto the work they are doing. With large items the convention vice, and carvers screw are usefull. But when working on irregular shaped pieces smaller than 2in or 5cm it becomes more difficult. How have you solved the problem? Dick Kahle
  7. My name is Dick Kahle and this is my first posting. I started carving wood, under my Grandfather's watchfull eye when I was 10-12 years old. Since then my fascinaion with carving wood has grown and continued for over fifty years and continues unabated today. In recent years my favorite subjects have been, Fishing Lures, Fish Spearing Decoys, with some Decorative carving of Fish, Birds, and Fantasy / Mythological Animals. I am becoming more interested in carving the smaller animals, fish, frogs, turtles etc. Trying to do carvings that will fit into a small space. I use both hand and po
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