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  1. DarrenK

    antler engraving

    Hey Andrew, that's really cool ! It's great to see the roughed out process and detail , Id love to see some gothic crossbow too .....
  2. DarrenK

    Long time coming

    Some other bits ...
  3. DarrenK

    Long time coming

    Hi there, Made from beef bone for my daughter, with an opal for vision. ... been laying around unfinished for years with an unfortunate cracked piece in the tail. Felt good to pick up the tools again and finish it ! It's about 60 mm X 40mm. Cheers
  4. DarrenK

    Throwback Thursday (a day early)

    Awesome !!!!!!
  5. DarrenK

    Long time coming

    Hello all , Been ages since I've visited the carving path ..... There goes the rest of my day
  6. DarrenK

    The Eyes Have It

    I was given some ebony and antler from a work mate, i have had a lot of fun working with some different materials ( waiting for some paua )
  7. DarrenK

    Cross Cultural

    Very cool Steve! love the mash up.
  8. DarrenK

    New Work

    Beautiful work ! i love stone in bone
  9. DarrenK

    Greetings From Daz

    Thanks Janel and Billy, much appreciated ! I am an engineer, so making these shouldn't be a problem , thanks for your help. Manaakitanga
  10. DarrenK

    Greetings From Daz

    Thanks Billy, i stand in awe of your work. Beautiful !! i am on a mission now to make some gravers, i think they will change everything, any tips?
  11. DarrenK

    Greetings From Daz

    Greetings!! I am a New Zealander , currently living in Ireland. I have been carving on and mostly off for about 5 years and it has so far been a solitary venture. I would like to express my delight in discovering this website and it's many wonders. I have already gleaned so much from the small bit i have been reading and understand i have a long journey of discovery ahead. There sure is some talented people out there, and i am glad to share in your stories and beautiful art works. Thanks Daz