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  1. Hi Janel, In Maori mythology, Taniwha are beings that inhabit deep pools in rivers, oceans, lakes and dark caves. Known to inhabit dangerous places. This carving represents overcoming these dark places and having the strength to talk about it. A double tounge is a sign of a good orator and koru (spirals) represent new beginnings. The back is to gather the inner strength of the soul and the front is to show it. Cheers Daz
  2. ... nearly finished... just need to set the eyes properly... Made for a friend who needs a guardian right now .
  3. Hi Folks, I have recently handed down some of my great great grandfather's wood working tools and thought I would share. Almost works of art in themselves....
  4. Hi Janel, This is cow bone and moon stone . 😎
  5. Hi folks, hope you are all keeping safe in these difficult times.... Not quite rotational symmetry...
  6. Hi SteveT, very cool !!! Like the textured area and love the mash ups (I have an Irish wife) can you please share a pic of the dentist bits you are using? I have a few favorite dremel bits (and a whole bunch of others) I find some a bit dodgy to use as they tend to 'bite' in at the most inopportune moment and ruin my day .... Cheers
  7. Thanks lads , that's great info. The piece of antler I used was quite old, have now acquired some fresh stuff to try my hand at . I've also heard deer bone is good to carve ?
  8. Hi Andrew, That's very cool ! Somewhere I have a large book on the construction of crossbows that I bought in London... what are the inlays made of? Not far to go then .... 😎
  9. Hi Andrew, Good ideas , thanks . I've not carved a lot of antler before (2nd piece) and wondering if I have been too enthusiastic about boring out the inside materials? Antler is old and should be dry. Decided to stop while I was ahead and not try to carve any more detail... I have used paraffin on the finish and am pleased with the feel and look. Any other tips on carving/prepping antler? Cheers
  10. Hello carvers, Wondering what work you might have in progress leading in to Christmas? A perfect time for gifting treasures. I find I have to work on a few pieces at a time. Must stop me getting bored ... they seem to vie with one another to get finished first. Happy holidays 😎
  11. Hi Janel, Thanks a lot for the info! I will definitely try the paraffin mix . And also the link shows some absolutely incredible jaw dropping carvings....I will finish some details before applying and let you know how it goes.(great idea to do a test first) This is such an amazing site .... full of amazing art and ideas. I wonder if there is any way to rekindle the fire ? Thank you for keeping this site going. Amazing commitment and dedication to the path . It was my light in the dark. 😎
  12. Hi , Nearly finished deer antler carving. Noticing some small hairline cracks , does anyone know the best way to keep this from drying out and cracking more ? Hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas! 😎
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