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    Staining Bone

    Have you thought about using water buffalo horn for the panther. It's already black and polishes nicely
  2. Glenn Mc

    Striped Bass Key Ring

    The boney bass is 3" long
  3. Glenn Mc


    Great food for thought here. Much Like Bonnie D, I have been kind of winging it. I live in a tourist area so during the season I'm doing a lot of trapping. My tourist trap is my van and I visit all the hot spots. During the off season, I sometimes just want to recoup some cash or get my pieces out there for exposure. I think this is the downfall of a "hobby business" and by doing so it will always remain that. Maybe Mark has it right, re-think, plan, and implement to turn it into a legitimate business.
  4. Glenn Mc

    New Old Guy.

    I just registered here on The Carving Path and I am truly humbled by the work i see here. I've been carving bone for about two years and it has become an obsession. My tiny basement shop was built for the sole purpose of building saltwater fishing lures but I have managed to squeeze in a spot for carving. I hope to learn more from the masters I see here. As lure builder, I love to share techniques with others and from what I can see here, that same willingness to share exists on The Carving Path. Glenn M