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    The Hills Of Tennessee
  1. Robert Y

    First Time Engraving

    Well Done Mate I know a Very Good Brother over there goes by the name Rob he forges knives and he posted a heck of a crock on a river bank it was about 14 footer and a head like a truck had it mouth open too so ya could see it teeth they looked like his hands and he is no lil fellow at 6'4" .... No I am not mocking you I am from Tennessee and Yes this is how I talk . any how dagum awesome good carving on that tooth I wish we had gators / crocks round here they taste real good on the grill and deep fried my FIL is in Florida so we do get to get a gator every year ( not a big one though) it is good eaten you keep carven and have an awesome day mate God Bless and Best Regards
  2. Robert Y

    Hurihuringa . For Waitangi Day.

    Your carving is very alive to me I was stationed in Hawaii for 2 years in 92 -93 I really love the culture and the folks there when not on duty I stayed with a local family most of the time .
  3. Robert Y

    Materials Swap

    Is there any on that is wanting to try there hand at carving Tagua Nuts I have several that are in the 2.5 and larger range most are round to the long round range I have them stored properly . I am looking for Honey Horn in scales , rounds Unusual materials that can be used to put together at least two Puukko knifes that is 95 mm the Tagua nuts are very top quality and I would like to trade for the same also looking for some very good Reindeer (No pith in it) any one that is willing to work with me Pm me and let know. Thank you Blessing & Best Regards
  4. Robert Y

    Small Sculpture From Boxwood

    Hello Janel, Remember it has been said we carvers are compared to surgeons when it comes to the fine details . one thing that is messed up and we will lose our patient so to speak in our case we will lose our project . you are doing a beautiful job with this project Bless you for taking your time to photograph it and share it with us . I know after a long day of working in my left brain the last thing I really want to do is think about being on the computer much less chatting or taking photos so a special thank you for running the site and sharing your work . Bless You Janel and Have a Good Day
  5. Robert Y

    Another Knife

    Well done Mate
  6. Robert Y

    Hello All!

    Hello Justin, Welcome pack a lunch and some coffee and donuts as there is a ton of information here for you to read . it is nice to know when I found the site there were others just like me that have an Obsession with the fine details of working in their crafts to make beautiful things so intricately.
  7. Robert Y

    The Eyes Have It

    Sweet detail work .
  8. Robert Y

    Small Sculpture From Boxwood

    Wow very nice Janel Awesome way to start off the New 2014 year.
  9. Robert Y

    Xmas Time Age

    Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year to you all ! Robert Y
  10. Robert Y

    My Kmg Grinder

    Thank you Colin , However it is Robert Not Bob that is my uncle . Robert Y 13 & On Forge
  11. Robert Y

    About Where in the World

    Bryan V, You look a lot like "Bobby" off of SOA <Grins> Ret Sgt Robert Y
  12. Robert Y

    1911 Pistol Grips In Bone

    Where do you live Tony I may be able to send you some they are cut into slabs already for knife scales or Pistol Grips size . Sam
  13. Robert Y

    New Member

    Welcome Gary, I am fairly new here myself there is a ton of good reading on here as well as some how to do's have fun and I look forward to seeing your work . Ret Sgt. R Yates 13 & On Forge
  14. Robert Y

    Pumahara Manaia

    Very Cool carving and such detail with it also . Thank you for sharing . Sam
  15. Robert Y

    1911 Pistol Grips In Bone

    I will get you a few sites that I order from if you want . thank you for the complement R Yates 13 & On Forge