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  1. chuck bennett

    Carp and lotus leaves

    NATASHA--Beautiful. I agree with SEBAS. Thanks Chuck
  2. This piece shows off the knifemaker,engraver and the photographer about as well as can be done. Great work for all of them. chuck
  3. chuck bennett

    Animal neighbors

    JANEL--I don't know how you feel about feeding wildlife. Those three babies will suck her out of any chance of making it through a MINNISNOWTA winter. A small bale of Hop Clover/Grass mix, unbroken and put in a convenient place for her. She might come in close where the rest might not. Good luck Chuck
  4. chuck bennett

    Cultural Differences and Art

    PHIL--Been a while since I signed in. Your work is nice. Thanks for showing it . chuck bennett
  5. chuck bennett

    Connections - Thanks Janel!

    JANEL-- thank you for your efforts. I lurk more than post, but really do enjoy everybody, and their work. chuck
  6. chuck bennett

    New from MO

    Nancy- Nice work. Your little guys are great. I used to live in Branson West. Did I see some of your stuff in Branson or Silver Dollar City? It looks real familiar. I can't remember the carving shop on the south side of the street in Branson. The shop/store was full of great carvings by several different carvers. Nice work thanks for showing it to us. Chuck
  7. chuck bennett

    Lindsay AirGraver

    JIM KELSO-- Amigo Mio- You have done me a good turn. Thanks for the heads up on STEVES site. I had been there before, but he has added A LOT of GOOD stuff since I was last there . For a beginning engraver he has done a nice service. I much appr. it and If I get good enough and decide I am going to like this engraving, I will get a Palm engraver. I have already told a couple of spur/buckle-making buddys about his Palm. Thanks Chuck
  8. chuck bennett


    DICK-- I was struck by the picture of all four of you being posed for the pic. I think I would like you just as much as the dogs seem to. Your have their un-divided attention. congrats on a great picture. Chuck
  9. chuck bennett

    power engraving

    Howdy folks--I recieved my Magna Block and #901 hand piece, yesterday. I tried it last night. It is going to be the cats meow. It really did make a difference. You can roll your work into your graver, slick as a whistle. Set the GRAVER MAX up a bit different, than with the heavy straight handpice. Sound like I am tickled?Grin. Chuck
  10. chuck bennett

    Time for folks to check in

    Hello Folks-- Sure am glad NATASHA'S bugs are not ten foot tall.Grin Still kicking along. Ordered a Magna Block and a #901 handpiece, should be coming in a few days. Thanks for the site. Chuck
  11. chuck bennett

    staining wood with nitric

    I am not up on acid staining of wood. I have seen several pictures of Alan Longmire's Maple hawk handles. They have the nicest, most vivid curls and accents of any Maple handles that I have seen. I have often wondered how Alan achieved this effect. I copied this for later use.GRIN. THANKS.. Chuck
  12. chuck bennett

    Making carving tools

    Hello EDWARD-- Using this type of used metal, it would suprise me if you can file it. You probably would end up ruining your files. A better plan would be to grind it, dipping it contiunely in cool water, trying never to raise any color in the blades(NONE) while grinding. We have used these old hack-saw blades for everything and have had real good results. Just some thoughts.. Chuck
  13. chuck bennett

    resin bowls?

    Along this same line of thought. Has any body had any experience with THERMO LOC from GRS?? It seems to be a re-usable product. If it works easily and will last indefinately. It might be worth the higher price they are asking for it. Something like this, would be ideal for buckles. All of my buckles are domed and a little hard to dimple and background. Thanks for any comments. Chuck
  14. chuck bennett

    Simple gifts

    Janel-- Beautiful. I like the whole setup. NICE gift to show your thanks. I would like to have a bigger piece of the burled wood for knife handles.Grin With a dye job and polish it would really be nice. Chuck
  15. chuck bennett

    Stag & Steel

    RIK; Clean design and excellent using knive. Nice stag slabs. I just now clicked it up. Probably already gone to Reno. Good luck anyway.GRIN. Chuck Bennett