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  1. gumamelagomez

    New Cattle Skulls

    thanks naomi! sanding those in-betweens tricky! am forever trying out different ways.
  2. gumamelagomez

    New Cattle Skulls

    hi folks! just wanted to share the latest work. been learning more and more with each piece. would love to hear comments or suggestions happy holidays!
  3. gumamelagomez

    Japan Tip!

    Janel, yup, Japan certainly makes an impact. Such an interesting place to visit and I felt extremely lucky to have been able to do so
  4. gumamelagomez

    Japan Tip!

    if anyone is heading to japan, make sure to visit a tokyo hands store. they have, pretty much, everything! i was able to get a large selection of drill bits and sanding tools at very reasonable prices. (it's a pretty limited selection in the philippines so i kind of went a little crazy) here's a link http://www.tokyu-han...jp/foreign.html not that comprehensive online but it deserves at least a whole afternoon to peruse.
  5. gumamelagomez

    Polishing Cattle Horns

    thank you yuri, alain and ed! off to the hardware store now to look for some polishing compound! can't wait to try it!
  6. gumamelagomez

    Polishing Cattle Horns

    hi everyone! does anyone have any suggestions on how to polish cattle horns and get them to a sheen without using lacquer? i've been going at them with sandpaper and some wax and have gotten them clean enough but still quite dull. any suggestions will be much appreciated
  7. gumamelagomez

    Strange Inros

    love them!!
  8. gumamelagomez

    Alfred, My First Cow Skull

    done with my first cow skull...just need to glue the horns and teeth back on most of the work was done with a dremel. been trying to find as many hand tools as i can here in manila. my favorite new discovery are steel nail files. i got some basic wood carving chisels.. will try that out on my practice bone before starting on the next skull.
  9. gumamelagomez

    Cow Skull, Step By Step

    it's beaaaaautiful!!! how did you get the background so smooth???
  10. gumamelagomez

    Hello From Manila!

    thank you david
  11. gumamelagomez

    Hello From Manila!

    thank you for the tips janel! i am actually related to a dentist and a doctor, who has promised to keep an eye out for useful bits from his orthopedic friends. will let you know if and when that works out. i'm currently only using dremel bits and a set of carbide burs that my dremel guy found for me. (dremel isn't sold in the bis stores here and i found a guy who sells hobby tools... he's sort of my new best friend )
  12. gumamelagomez

    Hello From Manila!

    thanks fro the reply tony! yes, so far, the bits and burs have been coming from online orders. still working on making friends with the local jewelers i appreciate the encouragement will look into a fret saw
  13. gumamelagomez

    Hello From Manila!

    Hi everyone! I've recently started working with cow skulls and came across this site as I was looking for tips. Thank you Janel for accepting me on here I'm from the Philippines and grew up on a cattle farm so I do have easy access to cow skulls. I once saw a really pretty carved skull in a store in Sydney and thought I could learn how to do that. I've always very much enjoyed making things (I used to make beaded jewelry) and am quite excited to be starting carving! I'm working with a dremel 4000, as well as whatever I can find in the local hardware stores. When it comes to specialized pieces, the selection in Manila leaves a lot to be desired so I make do with what I can find. I'm happy to be on here and look forward to all the ideas and advice! Here's the first skull I'm working on. Not yet as intricate as I want but I'm figuring it out as I go along
  14. gumamelagomez

    Hi From British Columbia, Canada

    Hi Ronvdm! I cam across your post as i was looking for articles regarding cow skulls. The one you posted on here looks absolutely gorgeous! I've begun working on a cow skull as well and was wondering how much of the underside did you remove? If at all? Did you remove the thinner bones that hold in the brain? I've managed to remove some of that (so that it doesn't look too creepy) but don't know if i should remove more. Based on other pictures of carved cow skulls I've seen (like the ones from Indonesia), they seem to have the underside hollowed out quite thoroughly, as the designs go all the way through. Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated