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    Mini Alligator Skull.

    Tom thank you for finding the link! Yep that's exactly were I got the idea from. And ed, sounds like a really cool project! I would love to see some pictures of that as you work on it!
  2. JoshG

    Mini Alligator Skull.

    Bruce, thank you a ton! And you didn't miss it, I saw it buried inside the getting started section
  3. JoshG

    Mini Alligator Skull.

    Hey all, I recently saw a picture of an alligator skull somebody on here had carved out of moose antler, amazingly detailed! it looked like it could just jump off the table and bite you! It was about three inches long and didn't seem to have any porous bits in it, how did they do that? I thought even moose antler was somewhat porous on the inside. Anyway, I would LOVE to make one to add to my personal collection and was wondering what material would best suit the job, any ideas? If bone is the answer, what bone would give me the thickness I would need? Or would moose antler be better?
  4. Janel, just bone for now, and I guess I should get said book. I tried to watch your videos, but for some reason they wouldn't play, I'll try again tomarrow. And I've seen some of the pictures, I just don't get how to use them and what tool to use for what job. Thanks for the reply!
  5. Hey all, well I have been reading in the tools section and everyone keepts talking about gravers and scrapers. I really want to take my carving skills to the next leval, but I am having a vary hard time finding any information on how to actually use gravers and scrapers, and when to use the diffrent kinds of both. Could anyone point me in the right direction? a video would be really nice!
  6. JoshG

    New Carver In Nc

    Thanks janel and christopher!
  7. JoshG

    New Carver In Nc

    Hey all! Been lurking around for a while and finally decided to become a member! I have made a few bone pendants so far but would really like to take it up a notch! Also want to start working in jade and other stones. I have been using just an old dremal without a flex shaft and it is killing me! Lol. I would like to post a few pics of my work but I can't seem to resize my photos on photobucket! Any clues? Also, what is the deal about all the different kinds of handheld power carving options? From dremal a to air powered sniper fast and low torque ones, and the micro motors! What is best for small to medium pendants? I found the dreamt sufficient for roughing out pieces and getting them to shape, but it was really hard to get any detail, what's the beef with the no clear info about what's good for what! Any hello would be wonderful! Thanks! Josh.