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  1. Does anyone know of a supplier who can supply regular blocks of cut down cow bone? Either square or rectangular (as large as possible) have tried ebay... etsy, im UK based and pet stores over here don't even supply cleaned white bones. Boiling it all down myself and cutting is not commercially viable more me and must be uniform shape for me to start from.... thanks! jo
  2. Jo G

    Thickest Bone?

    hello! can anyone recommend the bone I need to request from my butcher to get the largest part out of cow bone? reluctant to use horse.... I am also really looking for a company (or someone) that can make it into uniform size blocks for me as well if possible... or would a carpenter be able to do this for me? I am a small scale jeweller with no facility to cut down large pieces or smooth irregular shapes into uniform square/rectangular blocks , like a bandsaw or whatever. To make this commercial viable for my business I need them to be in blocks.. any help appreciated! Jo
  3. Jo G

    Shark Teeth

    i would recommend ebay... I use them a lot in my jewellery and this is the best source I have found
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