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  1. Andrew V

    Seahorse Netsuke

    Just gorgeous, I love it!
  2. Andrew V

    Anglo Saxon sword

    Nice work so far, looking forward to seeing your progress
  3. Andrew V

    antler engraving

    I am planning on doing the inlaying before the metalwork is installed, the inlays will be protected with card and tape. I will be assisting the smith as much as possible, and really looking forward to the experience as I have never done any forge work but Rhys the blacksmith is insistent, if I don't help, he wont do the work
  4. Andrew V

    antler engraving

    Hi Janel, I do make my own tools from time to time, the 3mm No 3 is a re-ground larger gouge, the skew chisel is a very acute angle palm-chisel, less than 10mm. along the cutting edge I use as a scraper rather then a cutting tool. I have several other tools sub 2mm in size but these are the two I prefer for the bulk of my carving at this scale. The antler is Fallow Deer and is cut from the edge of the palmate part of the antler, not the roll; the palm has about 1.5mm of usable thickness near the edge but in the centre of the palm that reduces to half that thickness so the slices have to be planned accordingly. I appreciate the carving has a way to go, but I am content the roughing-out is over, the fine detail carving will wait until I have cut the inlay to size, fitted it and installed all the metal-work as a day or two in the smithy might render a recarve essential and I would weep if the carving was a finished piece being rubbed around in the soot and smuts of a metalwork shop... Darren, thank you for the kind comments, I can't wait to see the crossbow either - just spent a few hours tweaking the bend of the 'bow - just got a few more inlays to carve and fit, then off to the blacksmith for a play-day, so its getting closer.
  5. Andrew V

    antler engraving

    This little engraving is still a work in progress and so is a little way from being finished, but, I thought I'd post it all the same. The carving is for an early Gothic style crossbow I'm building and is of St Hubertus, patron saint of hunting. The carving is 1mm deep and 18mm wide from elbow to elbow, carved with a skew chisel and a 3mm number 3 gouge
  6. Andrew V

    how do you de-grease bone?

    update I found that the sugar soap wasn't working to deep-clean the bone, it remained translucent even after weeks of soaking, I guess the water wasn't penetrating deep into the bone so I dropped the inlays into a bottle of turpentine substitute and in only a few days the bone was completely degreased.
  7. Andrew V

    Long time coming

    Love it! How big is it?
  8. Andrew V

    how do you de-grease bone?

    Hi Janel, I didn't actually know what the active ingredient in sugar soap was, but it seems its washing soda, a sodium carbonate form of carbonic acid. It has been pretty effective as a second-stage degreaser but the bone will still need something stronger as a final step.
  9. Andrew V

    how do you de-grease bone?

    Will do. So far I have removed all the organic material and done a surface clean by soaking in sugar soap solution then band sawed the bone into 3 plates, they are back in sugar soap until I can cut them to size and thickness when I will probably soak in acetone, though I could use lighter fluid, it depends which is easier to get hold of locally.
  10. Andrew V

    how do you de-grease bone?

    Thanks Janel, I did as you suggested and put 'the carving path prepare bone' into a search engine and came up with several very useful threads
  11. Hi Everyone. I'm prepping a marrow bone for inlay work. I have stripped it of meat but its quite heavily contaminated by grease. Any tips on how to de-grease the bone? Currently its soaking in a strong sugar-soap solution. Thanks, Andrew
  12. Andrew V

    Cicada on leaf

    Stunning work that; really lovely. Did you heat the wax after you applied it?
  13. Andrew V

    a bit of fun

    Over Christmas I managed to grab a few hours here and there and whittled this little group from a holly branch, just as a bit of fun. The owls took maybe 3/4 hour each, but the mouse took a lot longer - like 6 hours longer, but in my defense I'd never carved a mouse before. The mouse is smaller than a £1 coin, at about 1cm across.
  14. Andrew V

    First/Early Pieces?

    I love this thread! I've carved on and off since I was 11 like in 1980 or something, but most of my output has been love spoons. One of my earliest carvings that might qualify as a netsuke would be the owl and the moon I did in 2013. Fallow deer antler with ebony inlay. I think it's about 3cm across.
  15. fascinating, I do enjoy watching automata, thank you for sharing